Disconnect Your Car Battery Before Long Trips

Nov 08, 2015 By Ray Proper

The expat lifestyle in Japan often means long durations of time spent abroad, and away from your vehicle. Before you go we wanted to remind you of a few things...[ Click to read more ]

Japan: To Drive or Not to Drive?

Dec 10, 2014 By Ray Proper

When discussing the pros and cons of driving in Japan, one of the most common questions that comes up is whether a car is really necessary at all. Those relocating...[ Click to read more ]

Train Travel in Japan

Nov 23, 2014 By First Admin

Many people know of the exceptional value of a Japan Rail Pass, which allows tourists to ride the train systems in Japan for a set period without paying individual ticket prices....[ Click to read more ]

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park Nagoya

Nov 25, 2013 By Ray Proper

The SCMaglev and Railway Park is a railway and train museum owned by the  Central Japan Railway Company in Nagoya, Japan.  The museum is a new edition to the list...[ Click to read more ]

Getting Your Scooter License in Nagoya

Jul 19, 2013 By Ray Proper

If you live in Nagoya itself you do not need much in the way of a car or scooter to get around-a bicycle would likely be more than sufficient.  For...[ Click to read more ]

What is car-sharing and how does it work in Japan?

May 14, 2013 By Jason Gatewood

Yesterday, your author embarked upon one of the biggest experiments of his life in Japan: I joined a "Car-Share club". Actually, it's not that big a deal for me; I...[ Click to read more ]

Get a Scooter License in Japan

Jan 13, 2011 By Ray Proper

If you live in a major city in Japan you do not need much in the way of a car or scooter to get around. The public transportation system is...[ Click to read more ]