Cars and Driving

Big Traffic Brother Is Watching You

Aug 30, 2023 By Justin Hanus

In many places the eternal battle between motorist and traffic cop is carried on like a game of cat and mouse with law enforcement lying in wait for its prey...[ Click to read more ]

Car Sharing Options in Japan

Sep 28, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Car ownership was booming in most economically advanced societies a few years ago. However, the car as a status symbol seems to be declining as more young people today are...[ Click to read more ]

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Mazda R360 Coupe

Mazda: The Economic Engine of Hiroshima

Jun 22, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Hiroshima is a company town. Mazda is the region’s biggest employer, and the carmaker bankrolls the city’s professional baseball team, the Hiroshima Carp. The company was instrumental in rebuilding Hiroshima...[ Click to read more ]

Converting your Foreign License to a Japanese Driver’s License

Apr 01, 2021 By Ray Proper

Each prefecture in Japan has different rules and requirements for driver licensing. For the most accurate information, please contact the licensing center in your area directly. Foreign license conversion in...[ Click to read more ]

Tokyo Motor Show 2019

Sep 27, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

Japan's motorcar industry is one of, if not the most important exporter and revenue generator in the economy here. Brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mitsubishi are known all over...[ Click to read more ]

How to Deal with Traffic Stops in Japan

Jun 28, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

If you choose to drive in Japan, at some point you will have to interact with the police; whether it’s a simple safety checkpoint, a traffic infraction, or worst case...[ Click to read more ]

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Nostalgic Car Festival

May 20, 2019 By Admin

If you are interested in cars, you may want to check out the Gulf Nagoya Nostalgic Car Festival, which features classic rides.  There are no shortage of interesting vehicles to peruse,...[ Click to read more ]

How to Get Your Car Inspected in Japan

Apr 22, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

Over the years, we’ve told you about the process of getting a driver’s license and buying cars and motorcycles in Japan, but we’ve never gone into detail on the inspection...[ Click to read more ]

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Nagoya Motor Show 2017

Nov 01, 2017 By Admin

If you are interested in cars, you may want to check out Nagoya Motor Show. There will be no shortage of interesting vehicles to peruse, as well as other attractions such as special...[ Click to read more ]

Need for Speed: a Day at The Suzuka Circuit and Motopia Amusement Park

Aug 24, 2017 By Bert Wishart

Japan is a nation for which the production of automobiles has driven (pun intended) its development and economy for generations, and as of 2014 there were more than 75 million...[ Click to read more ]