Japanese Recipes in English

ByRay Proper
Jun 10, 2014

Japanese Recipes in English


cookpad_logo_sushiThis app features the best Japanese recipes from the largest cooking community in Japan.  Long popular in its native Japanese language, Cookpad is now offering many of its recipes on a new English version of its website.   Currently the site provides translations of  4,500 recipes, a pittance compared to the Japanese language version, which boasts 1.5 million recipes  created by its 20 million users since the site was created in 1997.



Just One Cookbook

just_one_cookbookJust One Cookbook is a blog run by Namiko “Nami” Chen, an author/cook/photographer behind the actual book, “Just One Cookbook.”   While it does not have the extensive collection of millions of recipes, it does offer recipes with a personal touch.  There are a great many Japanese recipes on offer, many of them “30 minutes or less recipes.”

The blog recomends you start by browsing the Recipe Index to see what kind of food and recipes are on offer.



bento.com logoBento.com / Tokyo Food Page is a complete guide to Japanese cuisine and eating in Japan.  It offers a great collection of recipes, tours of Japanese markets, and tips on where to eat in various cities in Japan.  While the restruant and bar listings are sort of recent, the recipe section has been around for a while, and featured here many times in the form of recipe recommendations.




You can find a collection of recipes featured here on Japan Info Swap here. 

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