Breweries in Hiroshima

ByJustin Hanus
Jun 28, 2023

Breweries in Hiroshima

Fancy a tipple while learning a bit about how what you’re consuming is made? Then head along to one of Hiroshima’s many breweries! The prefecture is famed for its unique-tasting sake, made using a soft water brewing method with rice grown in a mild summer climate. There are no fewer than 41 sake breweries across Hiroshima. The prefecture is also developing a reputation as a craft beer producer, and you can find several beer breweries if this is your preferred beverage.

Here are some of the places you can try out.


Saijo Breweries

Part of Higashi Hiroshima, Saijo is one of Japan’s top three sake-producing regions. You can find seven sake breweries within a 30-minute walk – Kamotsuru, Kamoizumi, Fukubijin, Kirei, Saijotsuru, Hakubotan, and Sanyotsuru. This makes it the perfect location for the sake connoisseur or someone looking to learn more about Japan’s famous tipple. Most of the breweries were founded in the early 20th century. The Kamotsuru and Kamoizumi facilities are particularly known for using advanced rice-polishing techniques to create a uniquely rich-tasting product. You can visit the breweries and also attend an annual sake festival in the town in October.


Miyake Honten Brewery

This sake producer can trace its history back to the mid-19th century and is one of Hiroshima’s most distinguished sake names. Indeed, its products were supplied to naval ships in the 1920s as the official Japanese military-use sake. Originally with five brewing houses, it has two and offers in-depth tours to learn about the craft. Two of Miyake Honten’s famed products are its ginjo sake, made with shinriki rice, and its local sempuku sake.


Fujii Shuzo Brewery

Located in the scenic city of Takehara, filled with traditional houses and historic temples, the Fujii Shuzo sake distillery is another with roots in the 19th century. The city’s high-quality groundwater is the source of the brewery’s exquisite products. Fujii specializes in Junmai sake, in other words, premium pure rice sake, which it creates as shoku-zen-shu (to be enjoyed with Japanese cuisine rather than as a standalone drink).



Hiroshima Neighbourly Brewing

A new craft beer establishment that opened in 2020 on the east side of Peace Park, Hiroshima Neighbourly Brewing is a brewery with a bar and restaurant attached. It’s situated on the first floor of the shopping arcade in Otemachi Street and serves up seven of its own brews and a small selection of other products in its bar. These include IPA, white beer, wheat beet, stout and lemon beer. You can also order other drinks, including wine, cocktails, coffee, and a selection of food in the restaurant.


Miyajima Brewery

As the name suggests, this microbrewery is on Miyajima Island, which is already a win as you get to journey out to the beautiful island location. The brewery is above a restaurant, meaning you can pair craft beers with a selection of tasty cuisine. There are 16 beers produced in total, including Miyajima Weizen (white beer), Misen Dragon IPA, Hiroshima Lemon Ale, and Oyster Stout.


Session’s Brewery

Another blend of brewpub and restaurant, Session’s produces two of its own beers on site and serves up a range of other craft ales, e.g., Miyajima’s Oyster Stout. It also has a varied menu offering a range of European dishes and ramen, and it hosts the occasional live jazz music night—all in all, an excellent place for fine beer, food, and entertainment.


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