Where to Learn Japanese in Hiroshima

ByJustin Hanus
Sep 28, 2022

Where to Learn Japanese in Hiroshima

One of the first things you might want to do if you’ve relocated to Japan long-term is to start learning the language. Japanese can be a challenge for westerners as it uses a different writing system, however, Japanese natives are keen to teach their language to foreigners, and there are many places where you can learn to speak and write Japanese. Here are some of the main places in Hiroshima that offer Japanese classes.

Community Halls

This can be an excellent place to start for expats in Hiroshima. Many community halls and public spaces offer free or low-cost Japanese tuition across Hiroshima. Sessions are usually taught by volunteer natives and mainly focus on beginner and intermediate-level skills to help international residents get started in their language learning. Classes are generally weekly and will either be free or around 100 yen a month. You can find a list of courses on the City of Hiroshima website. The Hiroshima Peace Cultural Center City Diversity and Inclusion Division also have a list of local classes.

Hiroshima International School

This school is one of the most renowned international facilities for children in Hiroshima. In addition to its standard teaching, the school has a language learning division that can offer Japanese sessions on a 1-2-1 and small group basis. The instructors come to you, and programs can be customized to individual needs ranging from beginner to advanced. You need to commit to at least one hour per week. Intensive courses of 30 hours per week are also available. Group sessions are restricted to a maximum of four participants. Sessions are also offered for businesses. Fees are around 4,000 yen per hour for individuals or 2,500 yen per person in group classes.

Website: https://www.hiroshima-is.ac.jp/learn-japanese/

HLA Japanese Language School

For more formalized learning, if you’re looking to acquire skills that can progress your professional career or get you into a Japanese university, HLA is one of Hiroshima’s most prestigious language schools. The school runs 1.5 and 2-year Japanese language programs at elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. During the courses, you will also learn about Japanese culture and society. You will participate in community activities and interact with locals to hone your language skills. The school provides dormitory accommodation if needed and scholarships for those in need of funding. Costs are 1.02 million yen (about US$7,150) for the 1.5-year course and 1.33 million yen (about US$9,300) for the two years.

Website: https://www.hlaj201904.com (in Japanese)

Hiroshima International Plaza

The Hiroshima International Plaza was established in 1997 to promote international cooperation in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. The facility offers a range of Japanese language and cultural learning programs, including two, three, and four-week programs that combine language learning with cultural experiences and visits to Japanese homes and businesses. Prices range from 112,000 to 157,000 yen.

Website: https://hiroshima-hip.or.jp/en/exptraning.html

Hiroshima YMCA

The YMCA facility in the Naka ward is another free language-learning resource for foreigners in Hiroshima. You can choose between full-time (5-day week) or part-time (2 or 3 days a week) sessions at levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Special tailored short-term courses and private lessons are also available upon request.

Website: https://www.hymca.jp/english/service/japanese/

Fukuyama International Academy of Languages

Another renowned language institution in the Fukuyama district is the Fukuyama International Academy of Languages. This language school focuses on developing the skills of those who already have at least some Japanese language skills. You need at least 150 hours of Japanese language tuition or a proficiency certificate level N5 or above to enroll. The school is known for its small class sizes and multilingual teachers. Help is also provided for things such as immigration procedures for new arrivals. Fees are 1.05 million yen (about US$7,300) for 1.5-year courses and 1.31 million yen (about US$9,200) for two-year periods.

Website: http://www.fuwai.jp/index-en.html

These are just some of the Japanese language schools and facilities in Hiroshima. You can also search for private tutors on JapaNeeds and Amazing Talker websites. There are also some online learning resources, such as Tsunahiro and Minato. Another option is to use the Meetup platform, which can be a great way of learning skills and meeting people.

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