Visit The Chita Peninsula!

ByRay Proper
Jun 29, 2015

Visit The Chita Peninsula!

Chita_Atsumi_PenninsulaChita Peninsula, or in Japanese 知多半島 – Chita Hantō, is just south of Aichi Prefecture, east of Nagoya City in Central Japan.   The peninsula itself runs basically north-shouth.  To it’s west lies Ise Bay, to it’s east Mikawa Bay.  If you are looking to get away from the city and find some ocean, the Chita Peninsula is a great choice!  you can make it well out onto the pennisula in about an hour, and there are plenty of things to do.

Handa City on the Chita Peninisula

Handa-shi is located on the Chita Peninsula, about 1 hour away from Nagoya. It is right on the water, and has many things to see and do. Traditionally, Handa has a strong connection with soy sauce, sake and vinegar brewing; To this day the headquarters of the Mizkan Vinegar Group is located There. If you are interested in making the trek out, why not visit one of these spots as well?

Nakano Sake Brewery


Nakanoshuzou Website
No Entrance Fee, but reservations are recommended.
TEL 0569-23-1499


Mitsukan Vinegar Company Guided Tours


Mitsukan Website (in Japanese)
Reservations Recommended
Tel: 0569-24-5111


T’s Cafe

ts_cafe_handa_chitaBuilt in 1911, the building is registered as an Important Cultural Property of Japan. It is ideal for lunch, a spot of tea, or better yet a cup of coffee.

Facebook Place Page
Tel: 0569-21-0802

 Chita Peninsula Systematized Goodwill Guides (SGG) Club

Chita_SSGChita Volunteer Guides Website
If you fancy a guided tour of the city, you may be able to make a reservation with the Chita Peninsula SGG (Systematized Goodwill Guides) Club.  SGG Club is a group of volunteer guides and interpreters established to introduce foreign visitors to Japanese history and culture, especially here in the Chita Peninsula. We can offer you English guided tours to some interesting places…

Tokoname City on the Chita Peninsula

Tokoname City is located on the western coast of the  Chita Peninsula in southern Aichi Prefecture, very close to the airport, and is bordered by Ise Bay to it’s east.

Tokoname Pottery Wholesale Park

Tokoname Pottery

CERA MALL – Tokoname Pottery Wholesale Park
Cera Mall is a wholesale pottery shopping park in Tokoname.  Thar area is famous for pottery, and you will find every local variety represented at the Cera Mall; which is the largest outlet in both scale and variety on the Chita Peninsula for ceramics. You will also find a few small cafes, a nice park for kids, and lots of free parking available for you to use while you shop till you drop for “tokoname yaki.”…

The Tokoname Pottery Path

Tokoname Pottery Path The Tokoname Pottery Path, or “Yakimono Sanpomichi”
The Yakimono Sanpomichi offers views of old traditional houses, workshops, buildings, implements of production, and pottery that typify the character of Tokoname’s unique atmosphere. This atmosphere stems from Tokoname’s storied history. It was already well-known as a pottery town at the end of the 12th century…


Utsumi Beach on the Chita Peninsula

UtsumiBeach1Utsumi Beach
They say Utsumi Beach has the finest sand in the world, but probably only the Japanese say that. It is a great beach though, is well known throughout the Tokai region for its beauty. Its 1.6km length is a nice bow shape, and you can rent parasols and buy beer, drinks, and food just above the surf line…

Digging for Asari on the Chita Peninsula

clam_digging_chitaJapanese Carpet Shell Clam Digging
The asari or Japanese carpet shell (also known as the small-neck or Manila clam) is the most common type of clam found in Japan. Digging in the sand for clams is known as shio-higari and the shio-higari season in Japan generally runs from early spring to late summer, but the exact season varies depending upon the species and location.

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