Tokyo Metropolis

HSBC Sevens World Series Tokyo Sevens

Mar 13, 2015 By

Rugby sevens is a variation of the standard rugby union in which teams are made up of seven players, instead of the usual 15, competing in shorter matches generally during...[ Click to read more ]

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Spring Pickings – Strawberry Picking around Tokyo

Feb 13, 2015 By Bert Wishart

Japan has a wonderful association with fruit. While it tends to be a little expensive (at least  to the eyes of foreigners  used to supermarkets crammed with the stuff for next to...[ Click to read more ]

Dive on in – Public Swimming Pools in Tokyo

Nov 11, 2014 By Bert Wishart

Swimming is, it is often stated, perhaps the best form of exercise, and as a nation that takes its health particularly seriously, it is perhaps no surprise to find that...[ Click to read more ]

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English language bookshops in Tokyo

Oct 14, 2014 By Bert Wishart

With the advent of e-readers and smartphones, getting your hands on English language literature in Japan isn’t the challenge it once was. However, whether the book you are looking for...[ Click to read more ]

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Securing your Home in Nagoya Against Burglary

Jul 28, 2014 By Ray Proper

Although a very safe country to live in generally, not even Japan is completely free of crime.  It is easy to let one’s guard down living in a safe and...[ Click to read more ]

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English Speaking Hairdressers in Tokyo

Jul 14, 2014 By

In a large city such as Tokyo, not excelling in Japanese isn’t too much of a problem. Tokyoites are accustomed to foreigners being around, and understand that we may be...[ Click to read more ]

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Sushi Dokoro Shiki in Tokyo’s Ginza District

Jun 16, 2014 By Ray Proper

Sushi Dokoro Shiki - すし処 志喜  in Tokyo's Ginza District is a surprisingly good and affordable treasure.  They specialize in "course menu" sushi set at JPY 10,500 , or you can order off the...[ Click to read more ]

Golfing in and around Tokyo

Jun 12, 2014 By Bert Wishart

Being packed, seemingly shoulder-to-shoulder, with people you could be forgiven for thinking that Tokyo is not the best place to, to paraphrase Mark Twain, spoil a good walk. However, there...[ Click to read more ]

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Experience the Tea Ceremony in Tokyo or Nagoya Japan

Jan 19, 2014 By Ray Proper

Tea; from the ever present green varieties that line shelves in the convenience stores here, to the black varieties that my English and Australian room-mates preferred when I first arrived,...[ Click to read more ]

Shibuya Cona Standing Pizzeria and Wine Bar

Nov 14, 2013 By Ray Proper

Watching a show called "World business Satellite ワールドビジネスサテライト" the other night and it mentioned a "One coin pizza" chain restaurant in Shibuya!  Cona Standing Pizzeria offers a good pizza for "one...[ Click to read more ]

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