Red Bull Air Race Tokyo

May 14, 2015

Red Bull Air Race Tokyo

Red Bull Air Race

There is really no way to convey the adrenaline fueled excitement of Red Bull Air Races through text, you just have to see it.  In the nine years since the event took off, the event has only become faster and more exhilarating as the organizers strive to achieve the most advanced aerial challenge the world had ever seen, every time.  The high speed, low altitude and extreme maneuverability required rules out any participant outside the world’s most exceptional pilots.  Fortunately, there are no such restrictions on becoming a spectator.

Red Bull Air Race 2015

Saturday  May 16 – 17
Park opens at 10, races begin at 1.
Makuhari-Kaihin Prefectural Park, Chiba (google map) (en)

Tickets start at  JPY 10,000.

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