Rain, Rain, Go Away! Places to Go in Hiroshima When it rains

Feb 20, 2020

Rain, Rain, Go Away! Places to Go in Hiroshima When it rains

How’s about this rain, hey? Well, actually, no, that’s not what most of us have been asking or saying here in Hiroshima. It involves far more colorful language, and none of it is positive. Combined with fluctuating temperatures, it’s causing all sorts of problems, particularly with people who have allergies. More to the point, though, it seems to get worse on the weekends, which means all the plans for fun and adventure everyone has had, canceled. Overall, it’s just making everyone feel lousy and depressed.

Especially since when I did a Google search of things to do on a rainy day, I only got hits for stuff in Tokyo. Not cool, Hiroshima. Let’s not blame Hiroshima, there are things to do, but no one has been bothered to compile a list. So, I got busy and decided to do it for everyone, but mostly for myself, so I don’t stay at home and continue to wallow in misery.

When it’s raining in Tokyo, there are tons of things you can do (try doing a Google search!) But when it comes to Hiroshima, there is nothing. Nothing on Google, I mean, not nothing to do. And I/we should know because it’s been raining for weeks here. Or at least, that’s how it seems.

What can you do apart from sitting at home in your apartment watching endless YouTube clips?

Well, here are just a few suggestions. Please note that these do involve leaving the comfort of your home and may involve getting a tad wet, even with your umbrella, which you must take, of course.

I’ve separated these into different categories depending on your interests.

Art and History Lovers:

  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
  • Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum
  • Hiroshima Museum of Art
  • Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

Family ideas (for those with kids):

  • Hiroshima Children’s Museum
  • BorneLund (a FANTASTIC play area for children located in Pacela. I’m reasonably sure I had more fun than the students I took!)
  • Marina Hop Aquarium
  • Hiroshima City Transportation Museum

Shop-Till-You-Drop Fans:

  • Aeon Mall Fuchu
  • ALPARK Mitsui Shopping Park
  • Kamiyacho Shareo (underground shopping mall)

Movie Buffs:

  • Wald 11 Cinemas Hiroshima (located within Aeon Mall Fuchu)
  • 109 Cinemas Hiroshima (located in ALPARK Mitsui Shopping Park)

Then, of course, there are endless options for those who love coffee. Stroll around within the shopping centers or downtown, and you will find something. Bring a book, and you’re set for a rainy day.

Art and History Lovers

http://hpmmuseum.jp/?lang=eng (English version)

http://www.hpam.jp/english/ (English version)

http://www.hiroshima-museum.jp/en/ (English version)

https://www.hiroshima-moca.jp/en/ (English version)

Family ideas (for those with kids)

http://www.pyonta.city.hiroshima.jp/english/index.html (English version)

https://kidokid.bornelund.co.jp (Japanese only)

http://mariho-aquarium.com (Some English available on the website which is easy to navigate for the main information you need)

http://www.vehicle.city.hiroshima.jp/VEHICLE_HP/Contents/04_riyou_annai/0401_kaikan/riyou2.html (Japanese only)

Shop-Till-You-Drop Fans

https://en.aeonmall.global/mall/hiroshimafuchu-aeonmall/ (English version)

https://mitsui-shopping-park.com/alpark/en/ (English version)

http://www.shareo.net (Japanese only)


http://kinezo.jp/pc/wald11 (Japanese only)

http://109cinemas.net/hiroshima/ (Some English available on the Japanese website which means easy to navigate!)


By Cheng-en Cheng (P1230758) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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