Looking for a Good Time in Hiroshima?

ByJade Brischke
Sep 13, 2017

Looking for a Good Time in Hiroshima?

If you want to have a good time having a drink and some quick and easy food to eat whilst chilling out in relaxed surroundings, head to Good Time.  According to Google maps it’s labelled as a, ‘hotdog restaurant,’ and one man from Chicago, which apparently is the ‘home of famous hotdogs,’ said the ones from Good Time are among the best he’s ever had. I found that titbit of information from their Facebook page and my friend who eats there all the time agrees with that statement.

Open from 12-11pm every day, it’s located in Funairi on a corner of the main streetcar line heading down to Eba. Yep, it gets double bonus points for not only being easy to get to, but also for having cheap transportation if you don’t have a bicycle or want to walk.

The menu is simple and being a hotdog joint it’s not extensive, but it’s nice to see something easy to navigate and eat. Standard hotdogs are small and most people would consider them to be a snack on the run; something to tide them over until their next meal. At 400 yen, you have the option of choosing soft or hard bread and your choice of smoked, garlic or spicy sausage. Add a drink for a 600 yen set. ‘Extra,’ hotdogs are a bit fancier (is it possible for a hotdog to be fancy?) with combinations such as bacon and eggs and avocado and smoked salmon. There are also various little snacks such as fried potato, ham salad and the bar favourite, kaki pii (カキピー), a combination of peanuts and tiny rice crackers.

I like hotdogs, but I like beer more, so I go simply to drink that. They have Heartland beer on tap as well as bottled beer such as Blue Moon. If you’re a fan of Kirin Hard Cidre, you can also find that here and from personal experience, it’s a great combination with the spicy, meaty flavours of the hotdogs. I guess that’s what they decided to open a hotdog and beer place!

Good Time has a Facebook page and Instagram account and is the perfect place for a casual outing with friends or a date for… well, a good time.

GOOD TIME (グッド タイム)

3-14 Funairi Nakamachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0842 (map link)

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