Ice Hockey in Nagoya

ByRay Proper
Apr 02, 2015

Ice Hockey in Nagoya

501px-WikiProject_Ice_Hockey_logo.svgDid you know there are at least 5 ice hockey teams in and around Nagoya? From children’s to adult teams, there is no reason to go without just because you live in Japan! You can find the list of rinks and the team affiliations below. 

Osu Skate Center

Downtown Nagoya
Tots to high school team: Chunichi Wings

Morikorro Park

Tots to high school team: Aichi Stars

Howa Sports Land

Tots to high school team: Nagoya South

Nippon Gaishi Hall 

Used for public skating, figure skating, tournaments, practices but no team affiliation.


Toyohashi city
Tots to high school: Toyohashi Club

Each team has a different degree of seriousness, ranging from playing for fun to focusing on developing skills that will take you to AAA college level play. Depending on the amount of practice time you want your child to have and how much of a time commitment you would like to make as a family.

The teams go to several tournaments each year to different areas of Japan. There are several English speaking players and English speaking parents of players on all teams and a Canadian assistant coach on one team. Many of the children playing hockey in Japan have lived overseas and are quite knowledgeable about the game.

Adult teams: 

There are more than 20 teams playing in or around Aichi. There are generally two levels. A very high level and there is a tryout to play on one of these teams. B is similar to an adult beer league; much less serious, but still above beginner level.

As for beginner level adult hockey, there are some groups that meet on a casual drop in basis as well. Once again, there are many English speakers on all of the adult teams.

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There must be plenty of Canadian and American kids and adults living in Nagoya that have no idea the sport exists, I hope we can change that!

Teams in Nagoya

Please note I do not have a list of all 5 teams.  The above post was submitted by Rob, and I am not 100 certain he is still even in Nagoya, but I am sure you can play hockey here and will post any teams that are submitted or I happen to find.  Have fun!

The Ice Dragons

ice_dragons_nagoyaThe Ice Dragons are located in the heart of Nagoya, Japan and their purpose is to make our existence known in the modest ice hockey world of Nagoya. Come join us!


Osu Ice Hockey Club

osu hockey nagoya“Osu Club (Osu Ice Hockey Club)” is organized and run by volunteers for the purpose of mutual friendship and exchange through ice hockey. Visitors can also participate, so please invite your friends and acquaintances to join us. All are welcome.

The Chunichi Wings

The Chunichi WingsThe Chunichi Wings are the premier ice hockey team in central Japan. Founded in 1969, they play year round out of the Nagoya Sports Center.  Chunichi Club offers ice hockey lessons for both boys and girls, from novice aged children to old timer players.

Photo: By Hucz (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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