Buying Holiday Decorations, Wrapping Paper & Lights in Hiroshima

Nov 20, 2020

Buying Holiday Decorations, Wrapping Paper & Lights in Hiroshima

With Christmas fast approaching, thoughts turn to presents and brightening up the home with a few decorations. If you haven’t already got your shopping for the season planned out, here are a few tips on where to buy some of the essential materials.


This is a good bet if you want to find a wide range of items and do a big shop in one fell swoop. The stores sell artificial trees, decorations, wrapping paper, Christmas lights, nativity sets as well as bigger items like lawn reindeer, plus items such as themed tablecloths and scented candles. The downside is that the selection of individual items is quite small.


Reasonable prices on imported groceries and general merchandise in Japan? When pigs fly! But that was before Costco Wholesale opened its doors here. Afterward, there were only two problems left: not everyone can get to a Costco warehouse very easily, and Internet ordering isn’t available. In a nutshell, TheFlyingPig.Com was launched to overcome these issues.

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100 Yen Stores

These are a range of budget stores found across Japan with the most popular ones being Daiso, Seria, and Can Do. The name refers to the price of many of the items. You can find Christmas decorations in most of these stores beginning from after Halloween ends, which includes small Christmas trees, decorations, stickers, and other trinkets.

100 Yen Store Map

Some specific options:


The Swedish multinational has stores across Japan and is a popular annual stop for families looking for a real rather than artificial Christmas tree. The store also sells an extensive range of decorations, although at a slightly more expensive price than the local discount stores.


Don Quijote

A giant discount store found all over Japan and known by some as “the big donki”, Don Quijote seems to stock anything and everything at a good price. Another good option if you want to do a big shop as you’re likely to find artificial trees, a range of cheap decorations and costumes for Santa and his elves.


Home Centers

These stores are similar to household goods stores you get overseas, such as Homebase, and are good for a visit if you are looking for a real pine Christmas tree but be warned, they can sell out quickly. They have a nice selection of decorations too and you might also be able to pick up a few other seasonal bits and pieces.

Website: Link to map of local stores


A store that supplies a more upmarket range of decorations such as ornaments and decorated baubles. They offer a good range but are more pricey than some other places, which is to be expected given the quality of the products.


Shimo Jima

You can pick up high quality wrapping paper from this stationery store. They also sell a few trees and decorations around the festive period too.



This department store is another place where you can find all sorts of products both Christmas and non-Christmas related. They sell artificial trees as well as lights and decorations.


Tokyu Hands

Another convenient store where you can spend a good couple of hours browsing through their range of merchandise on offer. The Sannomiya store serves the Kobe area.



A home furnishings store that says its value is “offering the unexpected”. It could be said that finding Christmas trees and decorations on sale here is a bit unexpected, but they do stock a range of items come the season.


Amazon Japan

Amazon’s online Christmas store which, as it’s dedicated to Christmas, has a wide assortment of goods on offer. If you can’t, or don’t want to, visit a physical shop, this is an ideal solution.


Image by Kris De Curtis (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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