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Under the Sea at Miyajima Aquarium in Hiroshima

Oct 28, 2021 By Michael Stigall

Hiroshima is famous for having access to both the mountains and the ocean. As a result of this prime location,...[ Click to read more ]

Rabbit Island: A Hop, Skip and a Jump from Hiroshima

By Michael Stigall

You probably are unfamiliar with the name Okunoshima, but if someone mentions its nickname, you’re almost certain to know where...[ Click to read more ]

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Talk to the Animals at Asa Zoo in Hiroshima

By Michael Stigall

As summer turns to autumn, the idea of spending some time outdoors comes to mind as the temperature has finally...[ Click to read more ]

PASPY vs ICOCA: IC Cards in Hiroshima

Sep 29, 2021 By Michael Stigall

When people mention Japan, one of the first things they think of is the fast and efficient means of transportation...[ Click to read more ]

“Take a hike!” in Hiroshima

By Michael Stigall

If you arrive in or depart Hiroshima Station from the East on one of the local trains or Shinkansen, you...[ Click to read more ]