Kyoto City

Top Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Kansai

Jan 27, 2022 By Justin Hanus

You're in luck if you are in Kansai over Valentine's Day. The region may not be known for being among the most romantic destinations globally, but there are definitely some...[ Click to read more ]

Where to Learn About Japanese History in Kansai

Dec 27, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Japan is rich in history, with civilizations stretching back to prehistoric times and classical Japanese history beginning around the 6th century when Buddhism was introduced. The Kansai region has played...[ Click to read more ]

Live Comedy in Kansai

Oct 29, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Live comedy in countries such as the US and UK mostly conjures up images of listening to one person tell jokes and funny stories for an hour or so. But...[ Click to read more ]

Places to Visit on a Walking Tour of Gion in Kyoto

Aug 18, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Gion is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Kyoto. It is famous for being the entertainment district of the city and for the presence of real geishas that you can...[ Click to read more ]

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Your Guide to the Kansai All-Access Travel Passes

Jul 19, 2021 By Justin Hanus

You’ll be able to see more of Kansai while spending less if you purchase one of the all-access travel passes. These are a great alternative to a JR Pass as...[ Click to read more ]

Great Places to See a Sunset in Kansai

Jun 22, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Watching the sunset on the horizon is a fantastic way to cap off the day, make lasting memories, and take some great pictures to show off to friends. The Kansai...[ Click to read more ]

Skate Parks in Kansai

Apr 19, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Skateboarding has grown in popularity across Japan in recent years increased by the fact that it is due to make its debut as a sport at the Tokyo Olympics this...[ Click to read more ]

Road Trips in Kansai

Mar 15, 2021 By Justin Hanus

The Kansai region is a great part of Japan to discover by car. Beyond the big cities Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, many great destinations don’t take too long to get...[ Click to read more ]

Kyo-yuzen Workshops in Kyoto

Feb 18, 2021 By Justin Hanus

Kyo-yuzen dates back to the Edo period when Miyazaki Yuzen (a fan painter from Kyoto) developed the dyeing technique to paint designs onto kimonos. Today, you can learn the technique...[ Click to read more ]

Festivals in Kyoto You Should Know About

Dec 25, 2020 By Justin Hanus

For more than a thousand years, Kyoto was the capital city of Japan. Today it is a major cultural center. The historic city holds numerous festivals, some of which date...[ Click to read more ]