Craft Beer

The Best Craft Beer in Tokyo

Oct 31, 2022 By Michael Stigall

Japan is known for its four big brands of beer, Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, and Suntory. They don't have much in the way of flavor or variety. Even when they put...[ Click to read more ]

Crafty Guys – Meet Nagoya’s Craft Beer Sensations, Tall Boys Brewing

Feb 28, 2022 By Bert Wishart

You all know the Bat Phone, right? The red telephone that Commissioner Gordon used to contact Batman, it flashed red whenever Gotham City needed help. Here at JIS Towers, we...[ Click to read more ]

Japan’s Alcohol-Free Beer-volution in Nagoya

Dec 31, 2021 By Bert Wishart

Japan is, it's pretty safe to say, something of a boozy country. Whether social events, ceremonies or even work, most milestones are marked with a nomikai [drinking party] and a...[ Click to read more ]

Baeren: Morioka’s Beer

Jun 13, 2019 By Jade Brischke

Last month I wrote about my favourite places for craft beer. I half expected to receive death threats for failing to mention what is considered to be THE city’s craft...[ Click to read more ]

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