Sushi Dokoro Shiki in Tokyo’s Ginza District

ByRay Proper
Jun 16, 2014

Sushi Dokoro Shiki in Tokyo’s Ginza District

sushi_shokokorozashiki_tokyo_3Sushi Dokoro Shiki – すし処 志喜  in Tokyo’s Ginza District is a surprisingly good and affordable treasure.  They specialize in “course menu” sushi set at JPY 10,500 , or you can order off the menu; which is quite reasonable for being located in Ginza.

The set menu selections are extremely fresh and well chosen, and though the staff does not speak any English, they are quite friendly and kind.  The shop is small, seating 15 comfortably between counter and table seats, but the decor is very comfortable and calming.

One thing I learned talking with the the sushi “master” was how fresh traditional sushi is.  Surprisingly, “fresh” is not always ideal for sushi, and that is “what Edo Sushi is all about.” He went on to explain how different kinds of fish need different amounts of time for the maximum flavor to come out; some is eaten quite fresh, while other kinds might not peak until 10 days – 2 weeks later.

During the Edo period there were no modern refrigeration  options, and the masters of Edo sushi had to find ways to keep fish in good condition, and prepare its maximum potential.  That is why much of the sushi you will sample at this restaurant uses different types of vinegar, salts and other sauces in preparation.

I would also recommend that you ask the master choose your sake for you; a different sake for each segment of the meal. 10,000 yen per person before drinks seems a little expensive, but it is a pretty good deal for this kind of experience, and if there is anything you don’t like, the sushi master will prepare things around your tastes.

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Sushi Dokoro Shiki – すし処 志喜

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