Summer Days Out in Hiroshima

ByJustin Hanus
Apr 20, 2023

Summer Days Out in Hiroshima

With the warm summer months nearly upon us, what better time to turn our attention to some of the glorious outdoor activities in Hiroshima? Whether you’re after a relaxing time soaking up the sun’s rays or fancy something that will get the blood flowing, the prefecture has many fun days out that won’t put much of a dent in your finances. There are a few obvious and much-written-about attractions, such as the Peace Memorial Park, Miyajima Island, Hiroshima Castle, and Shukkei-en Gardens, but here are a few other slightly lesser-known gems to consider in Hiroshima.

Senko-ji Temple and Park

Located in the city of Onomichi near the summit of Mount Senko-ji, this beautiful park and temple stand at the height of 140 meters and give great views of Onomichi. It’s a perfect day out if you fancy getting away from the Hiroshima city center and are up for a bit of a hike, although there is also a ropeway to the summit if you don’t want to walk. The temple is one of Japan’s most famous Buddhist temples for tourists due to its location and eye-catching red structure. It’s free although you must pay if you take the ropeway. The temple opens from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but the park is open 24 hours. If you visit at night, you can see the city lit up that is soundtracked by the temple bells.


Boat Cruise Along Motoyasu River

One of the best ways of exploring Hiroshima city during the summer is by boat. You can get a water taxi – essentially a small wooden boat – from Motoyasu Bridge that runs various routes along the Motoyasu River. Cruise past the Peace Memorial Park and the A-Bomb Dome, or travel further to Honkawa. Costs are 1,200 yen for adults while children pay half-price.


Sera Kogen Farm

Located in the center of Hiroshima prefecture on the Sera Highlands, this is a flower farm rather than an animal farm. It’s the perfect summer getaway if you want color and serenity for a few hours. There are multiple fields containing the likes of cherry blossoms, tulips, sunflowers, and dahlias. The farm hosts a number of annual flower festivals, including the Tulip Festival in May and the Sunflower Festival in July/August, which feature over one million sunflowers from around 100 different varieties. There is a restaurant and café onsite. Entry is 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for children.


Cycle Along the Shimanami Kaido Expressway

If you’re a keen cyclist and enjoy breathtaking scenery, this 60 km expressway running from Onomichi is a must-do during the warmer season. The Shimanami Kaido Expressway spans the Seto Inland Sea, connecting Japan’s main island of Honshu with Shikoku, and passes across six islands. It’s the only Honshu-Shikoku bridge with a safe cycle and pedestrian path. There are bike rental shops along the route, so you can walk or drive part of the way if you wish.


Tsutsumigaura Beach

Hiroshima prefecture has a few nice beaches, but this lovely sandy beach is one of several lining Miyajima Island. It’s on the island’s east side, stretching approximately a kilometer within a nature park. There is a nearby log cabin accommodation if you want to stretch your trip into a mini summer vacation. In addition to swimming in the sea, you can fish or go on a relaxing boat cruise.

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