Rabbit Cafe in Nagoya, Japan – Play With Rabbits!

ByRay Proper
Mar 03, 2023

Rabbit Cafe in Nagoya, Japan – Play With Rabbits!

One of the many weird and wonderful Japanese experiences is the pet café. Many apartments in Japan do not allow animals, so people cannot have pets. People who cannot live without that too cute pink nose snuggle snuggle time with their pet of choice have the option of visiting a pet café, where for a set fee, you can get something to eat and drink and play with a cat, dog, or rabbit until you get bored or run out of money.

About ten minutes from Hisayaodori Station, you will find an excellent little spot called the Rabbit Wonderland, うさぎのWONDERLAND, Cafe in Nagoya, a rabbit-themed cafe near Takaoka (on the red line) or Hisyaodori Stations (on the red or purple lines) that is filled with decorations, toys, and food; mostly rabbit-shaped. It seems odd to munch on rabbit-shaped snacks while snuggling with Bugs Bunny, but the café does not serve real rabbits, so I might be being oversensitive again.

If you are worried about your own in-house rabbit’s lack of bunny socialization skills, you can also bring your own rabbit in to play with the house rabbits.

The café costs a fee to get in, and then some yen per minute spent with the bunnies. Check out the video below for a sneak peek, and see the map below if you are interested in visiting. No carrots are required, but if you bring one, the rabbits won’t mind.

Rabbit Wonderland

〒460-0011 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka Ward, Osu, 4 Chome−1−71 矢場町中駒ビル3階 (map link)

www.usagito-cafe.com (Japanese)

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