Popular Animal Cafes in Kobe

ByJustin Hanus
Sep 27, 2018

Popular Animal Cafes in Kobe

Themed cafes have been a huge hit these past few years in Japan. The themes are run from movies, cartoons or just about anything that an owner could be a fan of. Regular cafes are still popular, of course, but these themed shops have gained a lot of attention; especially from animal lovers. More often than not, it’s the cute and friendly factor that gets locals and tourists alike to check them out and stay awhile.

One of the most popular themes is the animal cafe. More like a petting zoo for domesticated animals than a cafe, but in recent years animals that aren’t generally kept as pets, instead farm or wild animals, have been causing this cuteness overload phenomenon.

Animal cafes where you can sip your coffee and play with the furry staff are all over the world. Japan has several popular ones especially in Tokyo and other cities. One other city that has joined the bandwagon is Kobe. Among their countless cafes are these on the list that has stood out because their staff is just so adorable, you’d want to bring them home.


There are thirteen cats, a spacious play area with plexiglass walkways just below the ceiling so you can see the underbellies and paws of those who are taking a stroll up there, a number of bookshelves that do not have books but are turned into perches and just about anything that the furry felines can lounge around in. Prices are very reasonable as you’ll enjoy playing with these lovable kitties.

Kitanozaka Kawauso Cafe

You’d think they would hang out around rivers and streams but hey, who says Buko can’t serve you cuteness in a cafe? He’s the only otter of his kind in the cafe, but he is joined by other animals that are equally as charming, like hedgehogs, ferrets, and degus. There are bunnies and sparrows, too, all helping customers have a grand time relaxing in this one of a kind cafe.

BiBi & GeorGe Kobe Fukurou Cafe

If Harry Potter sparked your interest in owls, here’s a cafe where you can be up close and personal with one, make that a whole bunch of them. There are seventeen owls of different species living in the cafe,  ready to enchant you with their wise eyes and fluffy feathers. As most of them are okay with petting, the staff can help you handle them; you’ll be a professional owl handler in no time!


This one is quite a busy cafe with over 20 felines in residence ranging from adults to kittens. It’s said that the cats are friendlier and livelier than in other typical cat cafes perhaps because there’s more of them in the spacious play area. Whether you are visiting to enjoy the ambiance with coffee and other drinks or just dropping by for a quick play time session with the bunch, you’ll be welcomed no matter what the occasion.

Hedgehog Tea Room

There are hedgehogs, prairie dogs, piglets and a host of other tiny adorable pets in this laid-back tatami matted cafe in a 120-year-old Japanese traditional house. The charming little staff animals are quite playful so you can pet them and feed them, too.

Dog Cafe 789

If you want to meet the most adorable, furriest canines ever, head to this cafe for a quick meet and greet and drinks.  The cafe is relatively new and squeaky clean, and there a variety of dogs, mostly miniature and toy dogs, that are well groomed and quite friendly to the camera and guests.

Ashiya Get

It’s a two-story rabbit cafe with a hotel for your pet rabbits and a pet shop where you can adopt them. The bunnies are the furriest and most charming, although they might look grumpy that’s just face value. Because it’s not as lively as other animal cafes, if you want to relax and have a bunny to pet on your lap, then this is the cafe perfect for you.

Cafe&dining bar +wan MOLTISH

Here’s a cafe that you can visit and eat at with your dog. Even though it is not an animal cafe per se, it’s a cafe for both people and their beloved canines that offers gourmet meals for all (canines included). The meals are well thought of and are healthy for your companion so you’re assured that they get the best service just as you will experience when you come here.

Animals, especially the tamed and friendly ones, provide some form of therapy to everyone if you’re really into them. Their friendly or perhaps calm nature gets you into a positive frame of mind and helps you forget about your daily stress. Furthermore, if you have pets that you travel with, they deserve some pampering as well since they’re out guarding you wherever you go. Thanks in part to cafes such as the ones introduced here, your furry friends can get all their needs met along with yours.

By akaitori from London, GB (Cat’s cafe) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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