Popular All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants in Kobe

ByJustin Hanus
Sep 27, 2018

Popular All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants in Kobe

Kobe Beef Sandwich

Food is always a part of traveling and venturing into new places. Even if you don’t love to eat much, trying out something new when you visit is a way to learn about where you are. For those who like to try whatever a new place has to offer, eating at different restaurants for every meal is often an official part of the itinerary.

Some people love to discover local cuisine by visiting a variety of street food stalls and shops in markets. Others go to cafes and small hole in the wall eateries for famous local fare. And there are those with substantial gastronomic preferences, who go from one all you can eat restaurant to another to experience local and international cuisines without breaking the bank. Kobe has all these types for sure and more. These are some well-loved restaurants that you can visit on your next trip.

Fisherman’s Market

Since Kobe is a port city and known for an abundance of seafood, here’s a restaurant in the middle of a bustling shopping area that caters to locals and visitors who love to feast on the bounty of the seas. They not only serve traditional dishes, but there are also Italian, Chinese and Spanish influenced dishes to choose from too. Pay a visit when you’re at Mosaic in Kobe and experience a memorable humongous seafood feast that’s just right for the budget.

Sabbath Brasiliano

Who would’ve thought Brazilian cuisine would someday arrive on the shores of Kobe and become popular? If you need your fill of perfectly roasted steak and different cured meats, then this is for you. Skewers upon skewers of freshly grilled sausages and cuts of meat are offered right at your table, and you get to choose if you want a piece of it or not. There’s also al fresco dining with amazing views of the port that completes a laid back, tummy filling and super chill all you can eat experience.


Shabu shabu is one of the favorite types of dining experiences, especially in Asia or among Asians wherever it is available in the world. You dip the meat in broth and cook it in seconds, just enough for the meat to wrinkle and soak up the broth. This restaurant has over 380 branches in Japan, one of them is in Kobe and it is beloved by shabu shabu fans. It’s the all you can eat, all you can drink type of eatery that serves everything fresh and raw and allows you to order and eat to your heart’s content for 90 minutes. Cook your food, and dig in while catching up with friends and create a one of a kind experience.


Yakiniku is the Japanese take on Korean BBQ, but yakiniku has its following,  especially in the country where it all began. Different cuts of meats and horumon, or beef and pork offal or innards, as well as seafood, and some vegetables are grilled at the table while you dig in and eat what’s been cooked. There are also side dishes that accompany the BBQ such as soup, and cold noodles just to name a few of many.

Sky Grill Buffet GOCOCU, Kobe Portopia Hotel

There are around 70 food items to choose from in this buffet restaurant strategically located on the 30th floor of a hotel overlooking Kobe City. This is awesome for travelers who’d love an amazing meal, either breakfast, lunch or dinner (with specific schedules) plus fabulous views without having to walk around. Savor different cuisines including grilled and roasted dishes and of course the mouthwatering desserts.

Yakiniku-Rokko Sannomiya Ikuta Shindo

Here’s another restaurant that’s a must visit for those who love BBQ. The restaurant specifies that they serve different types of meat like beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and horumon aside from wagyu beef. To get things started, you are served a pre-set amount of dishes to sample various items before being allowed to order any type of meat you like. You may opt for an all you can drink menu with an additional price that is good for a couple of hours.

Stamina-Taro NEXT

Offering an extensive menu containing 60 different items to choose from, Stamina-Taro NEXT has it all from sushi, curry, tempura and ramen to a vast dessert buffet that includes ice cream and small slices of sweet treats. All these items can be picked out from their shelves or bowls and brought to your table. Also, their tables have grilling amenities and are wide enough to seat six guests.

Kobe Cook World Buffet

With over 250 seats, this buffet restaurant has two branches in Kobe to attract patrons from all over the city. They have on offer different cuisines from around the world, like pizza, pasta, pho and steamed food items like dim sum and many more. Their pick up menu includes pasta, pizza, pho and teppan allowing you to choose your preferred ingredients right before they cook or grill it for you.

Considering Kobe’s history with its influences from the West, it’s a wonderful haven for all you can eat offerings whether it be shabu shabu, seafood, just one particular cuisine or a score of different dishes from different cultures under one roof. There’s a lot of options for you to choose from to say the least. Now you can start your culinary adventure with some of the most popular all you can eat restaurants on the list.

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