Playing Sports in Nagoya – Go Play Outside!

ByRay Proper
Mar 30, 2014

Playing Sports in Nagoya – Go Play Outside!

rugby_wikimediaPlaying sports regularly goes a long way towards maintaining your physical and mental well-being. Especially while living far from home in Japan, it is easy to fall into the trap of isolation and the bar scene makes for an easy solution, but do not overlook the option of playing sports! Playing sports not only enhances your physical condition, but are naturally social sources of entertainment. Make the most of your time in Japan; go play outside!

What sports are available in Nagoya? Here is a list of Facebook Groups focused on sports. All are open to anyone; all you need to do is request to join them and show up at their next event. If you know of any others I may have missed please let me know!

Cricket in Nagoya

Toyohashi Gentlemen’s Cricket Club
Toyohashi is as close as I could find a club! The Toyohashi Gentlemen’s Cricket Club also welcomes Gentle ladies! It is the one and only, exclusive cricket club in Toyohashi, dedicated solely to propagating the greatest sport in the world.  As far as I know, it may be the only one in Aichi that operates in English.

Group Facebook Page

Ice Hockey in Nagoya

There are at least 5 ice hockey teams in and around Nagoya, from children’s to adult teams, there is no reason to go without just because you live in Japan! You can find the list of rinks and the team affiliations by clicking though to the list, which is maintained in a separate article.

Ice Hockey in Nagoya (JIS post)

Street Hockey in Nagoya

Nagoya Street Hockey
This is a group for all Nagoya street hockey players past present and future.  They meet in Fushimi on the first and third Sundays of every month.

Group Facebook Page

Basketball in Nagoya

Nagoya Hoops
Join a friendly game of basketball? This is for all levels, for fun, and to get some exercise. We have players from very good to beginners. Come join us if you can! Anyone can get a game started.

Group Facebook Page

Football in Nagoya

Football in Nagoya / Aussie Rules Football in Nagoya

Nagoya Redbacks Australian Football Club
We welcome fans and players, experienced, those who have watched the great game on TV, and those who just want to try a new and exciting sport.

Group Facebook Page 

Football in Nagoya / Rugby in Nagoya

Nagoya Barbarians Rugby Football Club
For supporters and team members of the Nagoya Barbarians Rugby Football Club.

Group Facebook Page

Football in Nagoya / Soccer in Nagoya 

International Football Club Nagoya
An international Football Club in Nagoya. This is a closed group with no other description, but a fair number of members.

Group Facebook Page

Futsal in Nagoya

Nagoya Futsal
A friendly game of futsal in Nagoya. It’s open to everyone, Japanese and foreigners, men and women. We play with just 2 teams. It’s 60 mins of non-stop futsal. Cost is 1,000-1,500 yen. Usually takes place on Sunday evening, near Nagoya station. Come and join the fun!

Group Facebook Page

Nagoya Women’s Futsal 
Join a friendly game of futsal here in Nagoya. It’s open to Japanese and foreign women. All you females out there who want to have a game of futsal – this event is for YOU!
Come and play a fun, friendly game on a Sunday afternoon!

Group Facebook Page

Running Clubs in Nagoya

Nagoya Hash House Harriers
The drinking club with a running problem.  If you need more of an explanation, this club is not for you! =)

Group Facebook Page

Tennis in Nagoya

Nagoya Tennis
This group is for anyone in Nagoya who is interested in tennis! Playing tennis in Nagoya is not easy and often requires booking way ahead or being a member of a club/school. Soon I will start arranging some tennis matches that anyone in this group can join. However, the group is more general in that anyone can advertise if they want someone to play with, or say if they’ve booked courts and want to play with people, or if they need info about places to play/prices in Nagoya, or even chat about tennis in general or attending tennis events、or anything to with tennis!! Let’s play!

Group Facebook Page

Volleyball in Nagoya

Nagoya International Volleyball Club
This is a friendly, non-competitive, mixed game of volleyball for foreigners and Japanese people living in Nagoya. It is open to both MEN and WOMEN of all levels, although most people are BEGINNERS. It is a chance to get some exercise, have some fun and meet people of different nationalities.

Group Facebook Page

Photo:Creative Commons “Tag Rugby play” By Sophia Rugby / Didier Honoré (CC BY-SA 3.0) -Modified

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AdhwaPosted on11:04 am - Oct 27, 2022

Hi, My name is Adhwa, I just move to Toyota City, Aichi 5 months ago. I am looking for basketball session/pickup. Appreciate if you can recommend me or guide how to join the basketball session around Nagoya area. Thank you.

    AdminPosted on3:09 pm - Oct 31, 2022

    You could start wiht the Nagoya International Center newsletter. There are usually advertisements for international teams like that there. I do not think we have an updated list here, sorry!

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