Cycle Routes Near Nagoya

May 29, 2019 By Mark Guthrie

With the Giro d'Italia already underway and the Grand Tours of France and Spain soon to come, you may be feeling inspired to get on your road bike and put some kilometers in your legs. However, living in the middle of the city you may feel like there is nowhere...[ Click to read more ]

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Cool Biz – What is it, and Where Can You Get It?

By Mark Guthrie

The summer has felt upon us for some time now, with the thermostat rising as quickly as the humidity, and although officially the season does not begin until June 22, for many businesses summer started from the end of the Golden Week holiday. That is because the first day of...[ Click to read more ]

Suikawari: A Cracking Good Summer Sport

May 28, 2019 By Justin Hanus

There are so many things you can do for fun at the beach on a hot summer day. Swim in the surf, play volleyball, build a sandcastle, relax on a towel and enjoy a cool beverage, and wiggle your toes in the sand. How about taking a stick and cracking...[ Click to read more ]

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Round One Spocha is the mother of all game centers

May 27, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

What place in Japan has a gazillion flashy lights, dazzling video screens, ear-busting loud noises and is teeming with people pressing their luck on games of chance and skill? Nope, not the pachinko parlor, but a more wholesome (maybe) way of sinking your hard-earned yen into oblivion: Game Centers. These...[ Click to read more ]

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Tour de Nagoya – See Nagoya in a Day

May 23, 2019 By Mark Guthrie

Summer is a time for cycling, with the Tour de France the world's most famous race. Of course, there is no equivalent in our fair city of Nagoya, so I thought I would come up with one. But this is not a superhuman challenge of endurance like 'le Tour,' but...[ Click to read more ]

The Kawaii Rejection of Society

By Mark Guthrie

Japan is in the grips of a cult. But this is no religious extremism or political fanaticism. This cult is pink, it's fluffy, and its ringleader is a cat with no mouth. I am, of course talking about 'kawaii,' the cult of cute that inspires so much of Japanese society....[ Click to read more ]

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Healthy Living Activities in Kobe

May 22, 2019 By Justin Hanus

With the second highest life expectancy in the world at an average of just under 84 years, Japan has a good reputation for healthy living. Expats relocating to Kobe can take advantage of the good quality natural environment, healthy foods and various facilities available in the city to keep themselves...[ Click to read more ]

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Great Walks in Kobe for Great Weather!

By Justin Hanus

With nearby mountains and plenty of parks and scenic attractions, Kobe is a pleasant city to explore by foot. Many of its tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other and there are routes further afield for those who want something more exerting. Whether you're after a proper hike...[ Click to read more ]

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Shopping Online in Japan – Internet Shopping!

May 19, 2019 By Ray Proper

You are not going to get complaints from me about living in Japan. I am generally happy here, but still, I prefer to use products and eat foods from my own country in a lot of cases; decent peanut butter, for example. Maybe in your case, Vegemite? There are lots...[ Click to read more ]

Sakushima, Aichi’s Art Island

May 17, 2019 By Mark Guthrie

Sakushima is a small island in the sparkling Mikawa bay to the east of Nagoya which, together with Himakajima and Shinojima, makes up the Aichi Archipelago. Small it may be, but it is absolutely packed with things to do. Seeing Sakushima Island Sakushima is a delightful little island, and when...[ Click to read more ]