Pet Boarding and Pet Sitters in Nagoya

ByRay Proper
May 15, 2014

Pet Boarding and Pet Sitters in Nagoya

June, If you are heading out on vacation you will need someone to watch over your “other kids;” the dog and cat.  There are a few options for boarding your dog or cat, or obtaining the services of a pet sitter in Nagoya.

Pooches Doggy Day Care (Boarding)

“Pooches offers Doggy Daycare and Boarding services in Nagoya, Japan, where the dogs are permitted to play together off-leash. It’s a fun and safe place for your dogs to spend their day or vacation while you’re worry-free during yours!”  Pooches has been recommended by a few xpats I know in Nagoya.  The owner speaks English, and the website has some info in English as well.

Doggy Day Car Pooches

Nagoya-shi Midori-ku
Okehazama Uenoyama 903
052-621-6631 (Japanese Site)
English Page

 Pet Sitter Gently (Pet Sitter Service)

Gently offers pet sitters who are fully certified for the task of watching over your little ones in your own home.  The service is well recommended, but you are not going to get any English support from this service.   You will get a professional pet sitter, which is apparently “a thing!”  Services are available in Chikusa-ku, Higashi-ku, Naka-ku, Mizuho-ku, Showa-ku, Tenpa-ku, and Meito-ku.

Pet Sitter Gently (Japanese Pages) (company page) (Nagoya branch)

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