Ossu Brasil – Great Rotisserie Chicken in Osu, Nagoya

ByRay Proper
Jul 28, 2014

Ossu Brasil – Great Rotisserie Chicken in Osu, Nagoya

1Since 1994, Osso Brasil has been serving up great Brazilian food in Osu. Long a popular spot amongst the foreign population, it is most famous as “that place with the really good rotisserie chicken in Osu.” For about 1600 yen, you get the whole roasted bird; don’t bother asking about half orders; you won’t get one.

You can smell the chicken roasting long before you get to the shop, which is great because you will be good and hungry when you arrive. It comes with a mix of chopped pickled cabbage and peppers that is really spicy and very tasty. Be prepared though, the whole thing is salty, and beer is recommended- mostly by me. They also have salads and bread (cheese bread, meat bread, etc) that are quite tasty, but the chicken is the main draw.
If, like most people, you are not able to finish a whole chicken in one sitting (amateur!) fear not, I have the answer to your problem. 5 ways to use rotisserie chicken at home!


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Recipes for Leftover Rotisserie Chicken

BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Omelet
I realize BBQ for breakfast might sound a bit strange; however, the flavors in this omelet will surely get your day off to the right start. I prefer vinegar-based sauces, but feel free to choose your favorite brand of sauce to use in this recipe. (Prep 10 minutes, Cook 10 minutes, Serves 1)

Chicken Salad
Rotisserie cooked chickens make great chicken salads because their meat is moist and tender. Serve on toasted bread for a sandwich, or alongside some sliced tomatoes, a hardboiled egg, and a few dill pickles for a complete lunch. Keeps up to 3 days covered and refrigerated. (Prep 10 minutes, Assembly 5 minutes, Serves 4)

Rotisserie Chicken Quesadillas
I’ve yet to meet a man who didn’t like quesadillas; yet I’ve met many men who surprisingly don’t know how to make this simple dish at home. I’ve kept it simple with this version, only adding in a few extra spices to ramp up flavor. I find that using the dark meat chicken adds more moisture and flavor. (Prep 5 minutes, Cook 15 minutes, Serves 4)

Chicken and Orzo Soup
Forget about heating up that stuff in the can. This soup is perfect for a cool winter evening, or even a sick day at home. Purchase a high-quality chicken stock for a more authentic home-made taste. (Prep 20 minutes, Cook 30 minutes, Serves 4)

Easy Chicken Divan
This is a step outside the box for me as I’m not typically a casserole kind of guy. Served along with rice and a green salad, this is a great comforting meal that is sure to satisfy the entire family. (Prep 15 minutes, Cook 45 Minutes, Serves 4)

To see the full recipes please see the Art of Manliness Blog


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