Mexican Food in Nagoya

ByRay Proper
Dec 02, 2018

Mexican Food in Nagoya


Nagoya has a reasonable number of options available if you are looking for Mexican food. In order of preference, you can enjoy some pretty great Mexican eating at Los Tacos, Desperados, Los Novios, and Jerry’s Uno. Some people consider Bar Mexigan in Sakae a Mexican restaurant, but I can assure you that it is not. If all you want is a small selection of Mexican Beer and corn chips with sliced cheese on them you are in luck with Bar Mexigan.  This opinion extends to “The Cerveza.”  Neither of these options was added to this list, frankly because they suck. I wish I could tell you there were more options than this, or that tamales fell from the sky like rain, instead of being utterly unavailable, but this is what we have and to begin with in what we actually have; Los Tacos.

Los Tacos, Osu

Los Tacos has a limited selection to choose from, mostly consisting of tacos, and the food is of questionable cultural accuracy, but it’s consistent and tasty, and the cozy little spot has a nice Mexican feel to it. I have been going there for years, and I like it; more importantly, lots of other people like it.  Get the beef tacos!

The lunch special is reasonably priced as well, but one taco is not going to do you. Be warned, but then again, who can eat just one taco? That is unpossible!  From Osu Kannon Temple pass through the big red gate with the shopping arcade on your left side.  Walk straight a bit until you see the restaurant on the right side.

Read more about the owners of Los Tacos from Nag Mag below, its bizarely entertaining.

052-203-5020 – Osu – Map –

Desperados, Shinsakae

Desperados is widely considered the best Mexican place in Nagoya, though sometimes it is accused of being the best United States-style Mexican place in Nagoya. I am not sure if this is true, but either way, everybody likes this place, and the selection of tequila alone is reason enough to drop in. Did you know there is such a thing as a “sipping tequila?”  Well, you know now, and they have multiple varieties of it. At best it is Mexican food, at worst US Tex-Mex; unless you are from Mexico, you probably don’t know the difference anyway. =) Its good!

Another bonus; it is foreign owned by a lovely couple. Rudy is Mexican born, and US-raised, while Takako is Japanese but speaks excellent English. You can order in English there no problem unless you have over-imbibed on their signature tequila and margarita selections, then you may need to resort to grunt and point.

I highly recommend the flautas.

052 264 0663 Osu  – Map – 

Los Novios, Takaoka

Los Novios is excellent, but it is also more expensive. I suspect that is why it is not as popular as other spots mentioned, that and the location between Takaoka and Kurumamichi Stations, on the yellow line.  It is worth a look though, and they have an English menu that contains the classic Mexican dishes you would expect, supplemented by fusion dishes. Los Novios is the coolest about decor, it is interesting looking inside and a great place to take a date!

052-932-8220 – Takaoka – Map – 

Jerry’s Uno, Various

Jerry’s Uno is not bad, but it is not that good either, in my opinion. Its good for what it is, and worth a shot; I have friends who swear by it. They mostly also offer tacos and burritos. Alas, there is not much else to say about Jerry’s Uno. If you happen to be near one of their locations (options,  that speaks well of them right? ) drop by and give it a shot. You might like them more than I do. At least they beat Bar Mexigan… I wish more people would… with a stale taco or an empty tequila bottle…

The original is in Tsurumai; that might be your best bet.  052-242-4534 – Tsurumai – Map – 

Another popular location is Osu. 052-262-4311 – Osu – Map – 

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