Lagunasia, Aichi’s Premier Amusement Park

ByBert Wishart
Aug 24, 2017

Lagunasia, Aichi’s Premier Amusement Park

Laguna Gamagori is an exciting, fun marine resort complex in the Bay of Mikawa, and is a place at which one can enjoy the sea, go shopping, ride rollercoasters, play in the pool, and have a whole lot of fun.

Lagunasia Pool

Perhaps the greatest draw for the some three million annual visitors to the Gamagori Laguna area is Lagunasia, an amusement park that is fun for both kids and adults alike. At this time of the year most come to float, bask and play in one of the many pools, and until September 25, 2017, visitors have quite a lot that they can enjoy.

The Joia Mare pool area is laid out in the style of a European marine resort, where you can laze beneath a cooling parasol with drinks or a bite to eat, after which you can take a stroll out into the ‘sea’ (well, actually it’s a large pool that is designed to look like the seashore, but if you suspend your disbelief willingly, it’s almost quite there). Keeping the marine vibe going is the central pool, another large play area that is built to reflect a wharf harbor beach.

For those who think that splashing around in the pool expends too much energy, you can lounge in the jacuzzi bath,or grab a rubber ring and float along the river pool. However, if you have kids, you may not be afforded such relaxing luxuries as they will most likely wish to fly down the water slide, climb on the pirate ship or play in the water jets. There is also a foam machine, but you may baulk at paying an additional 500 JPY for the privilege

From August 31 Lagunasia will once again be opening their pool for night swimmers where you can float romantically in the evenings in neon lit pools, see the projection mapping and later watch as fireworks burst overhead. This is more of an adult experience, and as under 16s are not permitted, it’s not somewhere to bring the kids. However, if the recent TV commercials are anything to go by, expect there to be quite a few university and high school students.

Lagunasia on dry land

It’s not just in the pool that fun can be had in Lagunasia. In fact there are 23 kinds rides and attractions with roller coasters such as the Aqua Wind and Legend of Labyrinth, merry go-rounds, water splash rides, monster shooting games, a 65 meter high Ferris Wheel, and even popular comic and animated series One Piece has its own special attraction.

On the quieter side is the Flower Lagoon, a beautiful garden that has a seasonal display of tens of thousands of plants and flowers, including Flower Valley where you can stroll over the gorgeous buds on a glass bottomed bridge. In the evenings Flower Lagoon is lit up enchantingly, as is the whole of the park with giant projection mappings and illuminations. As if that wasn’t enough going on, the Laguna Ten Bosch Art Gallery holds regular entertainment revues, though there doesn’t seem to be anything being performed in English at the time of publication.

Once you have finished your day at Lagunasia, you may then want to relax at the Thalgo Laguna onsen hot spring and spa complex, with hot natural spring water pumped from 1,500m underground. Or if commerce is more your thing, there is a ‘festival market‘ shopping complex nearby.

Lagunasia Details

  • Address: Gamagori, Kaiyōchō, 2 Chome−2−3−1 (map)
  • Admission: Depending on what you want to do at Lagunasia there are different prices ranging between 2,150 to 5,150 JPY for adults and 710 to 2,600 JPY for youngest kids. However, in one of those weird moments of ‘inverse discrimination’ that you sometimes find in Japan, foreigners can get 10% discount as long as you have your passport and are not a permanent resident. To claim your discount show ticket staff this webpage.



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