International Supermarkets in Tokyo

ByBert Wishart
Jan 20, 2018

International Supermarkets in Tokyo

Japanese food is celebrated the world over, and you are perhaps lucky to live in a country in which the cuisine is held in such high regard. However, sometimes you just hanker after something that tastes of home. Fortunately, some supermarkets cater in particular to those wishing to purchase international foods.

While products on sale at these stores are often imported and thus come at a substantially higher cost, they are increasingly popular with both locals and ex-pats alike.

COSTCO Wholesale Japan

You probably all ready know this membership only giant grocery store carrying imported and Japanese goods. Low wholesale prices and bulk quantities. Ample parking. There are a few locations dotted around (though not in) Tokyo.

Seijo Ishii

Seijo Ishii can be found in many cities, often in or around central train stations and carries products from all over the world, including French cheese, Australian wine, and American candy.

Full store listings –

Kaldi Coffee Farm

An international supermarket that sells much, much more than coffee. There are many locations around the city as well as online shopping.


There are something like 70 branches in Tokyo. Find one nearest you here.


Meidi-ya is a nationwide department store selling gourmet foods including a wide array of international goods. There are plenty of stores around Tokyo, and the Hiroo store in Shibuya offers an English speaking service.

National Azabu

An international supermarket in Tokyo. Parking available. Home delivery available for purchases from 10,000 JPY.

Nissen World Delicatessen

A supermarket in Tokyo with an excellent selection of international foods, wines, and fresh meats. Parking and home delivery available.

2-34-2 Higashi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Kinokuniya International Store

Kinokuniya is a supermarket chain with a large international store in its Kita Aoyama branch. It also has a French delicatessen.

B1 3-11-7 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku

 Spice Home

Specializing in Indian food products online shopping.


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