In Hiroshima, Owl you Need is Coffee!

ByJade Brischke
Dec 22, 2016

In Hiroshima, Owl you Need is Coffee!

If you’ve exhausted all the cat cafes in Hiroshima and you’re looking for something new, why not head to the owl café, Owl de Base instead?  Located one street back from Hondori and just around the corner from Parco, it’s located on the fourth floor and can be a little difficult to find. The big sign is actually above your head on the front of the building and if you don’t look up you might miss it. Once you find it though it’s well sign-posted going up the stairs with lots of photos of the ‘staff,’ aka the owls.

More expensive than the cat cafés, it costs 1500 yen for one hour and if you want to feed the owls it will cost you an extra 300 yen. You pay up front and also have unlimited drinks from a machine in the front of the café. If you’ve never been to an animal café you will be pleasantly surprised by how peaceful they are in comparison to normal cafés. Although there is quiet music playing, the only sounds you will hear are the occasional squeak from one of the owls or the flapping of their wings.

The owls are spread out around the café and are securely tied to their perches so they don’t fly away. Above each owl is a sign with their name, date of birth and any extra information about them. Not all owls are suitable to feed, so make sure you look for the word, “OK,” written in red. If you’re not sure, the staff are more than happy to help. Although no English is spoken, like in most places in Japan the service is friendly and they will do their best to ensure your time there is enjoyable.

At the end of your hour you will have the chance to hold your favorite owl. The owls range in size from very tiny to very, very large and you will be provided with a glove to protect your hands from the sharp claws.  The staff will also show you how to hold the owl so they’re comfortable. Owl de Base is fortunate to have a number of falcons and hawks too, so if you’re keen on birds of prey (of which owls are included surprisingly!), then definitely check them out. 

The café has a range of owl-themed products, from earrings to notebooks and I guarantee that if you love owls then you won’t go home empty-handed. For a relaxing way to spend a morning or lazy afternoon, Owl de Base is a fun place to hang out with a coffee and your new feathered (and very cute!) friends.

Owl de Base : Owl Cafe

ミシマビル 4F, 1-33 Fukuromachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0036

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