Hiroshima Cinemas

ByMatt Mangham
Nov 30, 2023

Hiroshima Cinemas

We’re fast approaching the peak cinema season as the weather chills, the nights draw in and this year’s big winter blockbusters hit our screens. Japan has a rich culture of film-making and its citizens love going to the movies as much as anyone else. The cinema experience in Japan is pretty similar to countries such as the US and UK. You can watch the big releases at multi-screen cinema chains and buy snacks such as popcorn. There are also smaller cinemas and theaters showing more cult and arthouse releases.

The good news for those living in Hiroshima is that there are several cinemas to choose from, including some screening more left-field releases. Here is a selection of the best ones.

Salon and Hotchoza Cinemas

These two are worth mentioning together at they are both owned by Johakyu and sit opposite each other in Hiroshima’s downtown area. More importantly, they are both classic film-houses that serve as a monument to the golden age of cinema. Salon is actually two cinemas (Salon 1 and 2) on the top floor of the Tokyu Hands building. Across the road, Hatchoza sits at the top of the Fukuya Department Store building.

Housed in renovated theaters, both cinemas are known for their stylish décor and spacious, luxurious seating. Hatchoza’s interior was designed by the art director of the Japanese classic “Shall We Dance” and seats are individual gold-coloured sofas. You can also find retro ticket booths and boutique-style cafes here.

In terms of screenings, both cinemas show a mix of Japanese, European and American films although they tend to be smaller releases rather than huge blockbusters. Foreign-language films are shown in the original language with Japanese subtitles on top. Standard ticket price is 1,800 yen, although there are discounts for some groups as well as membership options and special screenings.

Website: https://johakyu.co.jp/

Aeon Cinema

One of the bigger multiplex chains operating in Hiroshima, Aeon has two cinemas in the city. One is in the Dambara Shopping Center in Minami Ward, while the other is in Saeki Ward in the west of the prefecture. The Dambara location is the larger of the two. Expect to see more of the mainstream releases here and receive a more standardized cinematic experience. We’re talking popcorn and an extended intro section with commercials and trailers. Both cinemas also show plenty of popular Japanese films. Full price tickets are 1,800 yen.


Yokogawa Cinema

Just north of Yokogawa Station sits this renovated adult movie theater. Much of the vintage décor remains although today’s screenings are altogether cleaner! It’s a good cinema to keep a check on for slightly more obscure independent films that might not get a wider release. It’s also the venue for some cool little film festivals. Full price tickets are 1,700 yen.

Website: http://yokogawa-cine.jugem.jp/

109 Cinema

Another good place to see the blockbuster releases and English-language films, 109 Cinemas are a popular Japanese chain. The Hiroshima movie theater is in Iriguchi in the west of the prefecture. It has nine screens in total, including a giant main screen and a 4DX screen. Refreshments including popcorn, hot dogs and soft drinks are on sale before the showings.

Website: https://109cinemas.net/hiroshima/

Onomichi Cinema

Finally, one for fervent cinephiles. Onomichi is a city in Hiroshima prefecture known as a “movie town” as it has been the location for a number of film shoots. There is even a cinema museum here. In 2008, a group of volunteers got together and opened a mini-cinema to pay homage to the city. There is only one screen with just over 100 seats showing a mix of classic films, both new and old. The cinema has something of a cult following, with actors and directors having been known to attend screenings and sometimes give talks either before or after the movie.


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