HimakaJima in Sparkling Mikawa Bay

ByRay Proper
Mar 26, 2013

HimakaJima in Sparkling Mikawa Bay

This article, and HimakaJima itself,  caught my attention for various reasons:

  1. Chris Glenn knows where the good stuff in Japan is.
  2. It is a day trip from Nagoya.
  3. It is a day trip to an ISLAND.  I like islands and oceans; though technically this is in a sea.
  4. The seafood is famous, but not so famous that most people have heard of it!

If you are looking for a day trip destination to an island famous for beaches, resorts, sea food, and being close to Nagoya this is it.  HimakaJima is less than an hour from Nagoya, and the food is better, according to Chris, a lot better than many more famous locations.   The most famous offering is the octopus, but he claims the fugu, or poisonous puffer fish is better than that  found in nearby Fukui Prefecture, despite its higher status in popular culture.

From Chris’s article on Japan Tourist

Ask any Japanese where the biggest catch of fugu, the poisonous blowfish is made, and most will tell you Shimonoseki, or around Hiroshima, possibly even Fukui Prefecture on the Japan Sea Coast. Truth be known, the most fugu is caught off the waters of Aichi Prefecture, and one of the best places to enjoy the delicacy is Himakajima, a small island off the coast of the Chita Peninsula in Mikawa Bay,. The Meitetsu Railway company offers day tour packages including a 30 minute train ride from Nagoya Station to Kowa Station, followed by a 15 minute ferry ride from nearby Kowa Port.

For more information read the full article on Japan Tourist: Russian Roulette at Himakajima

Photo Courtesy of Japan Tourist

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