A Blooming Great Valentine’s Day – Where, and How, to Buy Flowers in Nagoya

ByBert Wishart
Jan 31, 2020

A Blooming Great Valentine’s Day – Where, and How, to Buy Flowers in Nagoya

Continuing a tradition that goes back to the time that St Valentine wondered what to get Cupid as a thank you for all his hard work spreading the love*, for many couples Valentine’s Day is about giving and receiving flowers. Back home, this can be fraught with difficulty if you haven’t booked up your bouquet well in advance at a florist, you may be out of luck and end up resorting to gas station flowers.

In Japan, where the Valentine’s Day gift of choice is chocolates, and flowers rarely get a look in, this isn’t such a big problem, and you can usually head over to a florist and pick up a beautiful bunch on the day. However, if you don’t have great Japanese, this can be a struggle.

But fear not, because we at JIS have got your back. Below you will find not only a list of great florists in Nagoya where you can pick up a beautiful bunch of flowers but also a cheat sheet of Japanese phrases that will get you through your purchase.

Japanese Phrases

I want ten / twenty red roses. (In Japan bouquets of roses are generally sold in tens, no dozens!)

Juni / Niju yon akai rōzu kudasai

Can I have a bouquet of flowers, please?

Hanataba wo kudasai

(If you have no preference of what kind of bouquet you would like) Can you please choose the bouquet for me?

Watashi no tame ni erande kudasai

I want a bouquet for around two thousand / three thousand / four thousand / five thousand yen, please?

Ni sen / San zen / Yon sen / Go sen en gurai no hanataba wo kudasai.

I want a cute/stylish/grown-up (as in not too cutesy, but still romantic) bouquet.

Kawaii na / Kakoui na / Otona no hanataba wo kudasai.

Could I have some more of those flowers, please? (pointing to your choice)

Anno hana ha motto hoshi desu.

Do you deliver?

Deribary wo dekimasu ka?


Roses – Rōzu
Lilies – Yuri
Carnations – Kānēshon
Tulips – Chūrippu
Hyacinths – Hiyashinsu
Daffodils – Suisen
Freesias – Furījia

Colors (iro)

Red – Akai
Pink – Pinku
Yellow – Kiroi
Blue – Aoi
Orange – Orenji
White – Shiroi

Florists in and around Nagoya

Fuyu Hana (風遊花)

This is my go-to, mostly because it’s not far from my place. But they do have some beautiful flowers, have great design ideas, and there are always pre-made bouquets outside for if you are in a hurry.

Where: 5-5 Ushijimacho, Nishi Ward (map)
Website: fuuyuuka.com

ECO Nagoya

Whenever I come out of the Meitetsu Station with my wife, she spends an eternity at ECO. It is a little store with friendly staff, and as well as making bouquets, do a beautiful line in potted plants that I invariably have to carry home…

Where: Outside Meitetsu Station, 1 Chome-2-1 Meieki, Nakamura Ward (map)
Tel: 052-541-8739

Tsuboi Kaen

A rather upmarket store, Tsuboikaen is the largest florist in Nagoya with nine branches around the city. Entering their flagship store in Sakae, its elegance immediately strikes you. They offer a bespoke service intended to match not only the occasion but also the person and the home.

Where: 3 Chome-21-18 Nishiki, Naka Ward (map)
Website: tsuboikaen.co.jp

Flower Produce Kaori

Also in Sakae, Flower Produce Kaori offers something a little different, as it specializes in preserved flowers. They have a wide selection of gift boxes, table arrangements, and framed flowers. Choose a readymade set or pick your own.

Where: Naka Ward, Nishiki, 3 Chome−19−30 Daiichi Nishiki Building 1F (map)
Website: fp-kaori.com

Flower Noritake

If you are looking for something a bit more on the chic side, Flower Noritake, by the TV Tower, is your spot. From bouquets to baskets to standing plants, everything here is achingly cool and original. As an advantage, you can even order by email or (because this is Japan) fax.

Where: Higashi Ward, Higashisakura, 1 Chome-10-3 1F (map)
Website: flower-noritake.com

*Obviously not true… or is it?

Image: by xhan104 via flickr.com [CC BY-NC 2.0] – modified
Image: by Tania & Artur via flickr.com [CC BY-NC 2.0] – modified
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