Fire up the Exhilaration at Brave Point Airsoft Gym

ByBert Wishart
Jan 30, 2023

Fire up the Exhilaration at Brave Point Airsoft Gym

At the beginning of the year, many of you may have decided that it was time to get into shape, begin diets, and start an exercise routine. However, as we slide into February, there is a good chance that those best-laid plans have faded. And who can blame you? The freezing temperatures can scupper jogging regimes, and endless monotonous hours in the gym become less appealing as the novelty wears off. If this sounds like you, do not give up hope because Brave Point is a different gym.

Brave Point is a multi-room attraction amongst the traditional buildings of Nagoya’s historic trading district of Arimatsu. In this place, you and your friends can get together and burn some calories while enjoying the high-octane game of airsoft.

What is Airsoft?

Also known as Survival Games, airsoft is similar to paintball because it is a team-based shooting game. Competing against each other, teams are sent into ‘skirmishes,’ where the objective is to ‘tag out’ their opponents by shooting them.

Originating in Japan in the early 1970s, airsoft differs from paintball, however, in that rather than paint pellets, airsoft weapons fire pellets that do not leave definable marks on those who are hit. As such, the honor system in survival games is paramount, so should you not possess the requisite level of sportsmanship or are insufficiently imbued with the spirit of fair play, perhaps this is not the game for you.

What to expect at Brave Point

Brave Point is a 50m by 18m indoor airsoft facility with three different rooms to navigate: The Rook, designed to replicate a special forces shower room; Maze, a continuously shape-shifting area; and Winchester House, the main battle zone in the form of a stately western home. Each room is designed with the utmost attention to detail, with a primary consideration made towards gameplay that evolves and changes so that it never becomes boring.

Another critical concern at Brave Point is how it makes airsoft accessible to beginners. Classic survival games are serious business, with high-powered weapons, and are so realistic that they have been adopted for training law enforcement organizations, including the US Coastguard. At Brave Point, however, the ‘sport’ aspect has been heightened, with guns at just 40 percent the strength of conventional survival game weapons.

Furthermore, to give access to as broad a demographic as possible (much of the traditional survival game world is very much a male-dominated sphere), Brave Point has a “ladies’ day,” “parent-child survival games,” and holds seminars for beginners.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up those discarded running shoes, and get to Brave Point Airsoft Gym. A new experience – and perhaps even a new you – awaits!

Brave Point Airsoft Gym Details

Where: Nagoya, Midori Ward, Narumicho, Arimatsuura 200 Aeon Town Arimatsu 3F (map)

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