Farm Tours in Kobe

ByJustin Hanus
Sep 27, 2018

Farm Tours in Kobe

The Land of the Rising Sun is known for the freshest produce and beef.  Quality is always a top concern here, and the Japanese painstakingly and continuously develop processes to ensure their products are the epitome of excellence. Wherever the produce is from, sea, plains or mountains, we are assured that heart and mind were involved in coming up with the food that sits so beautifully on our plates.

Kobe is known for their beef, technically known as Tajima beef, because it hails from Tajima, though most everyone knows it as Kobe beef. Cattle aren’t the only product that’s famous in the area though. Others include grapes, pears, peaches and cheese to name a few. The list below showcases the farms that allow you to view or interact with the products they are known for.

Rokkosan Farm

Hidden in the hills of Mount Rokko is a public pasture where farm animals such as cows, horses, goats, and sheep roam around. You can enjoy a quick horse riding lesson, feed the animals and have ice cream plus other food items to sample. Check out their cheese making processes and try out the cheese fondue in their restaurants. If you want a more adventurous experience going up there, you can take a cable car to get a better view of the mountainsides.

Kobe Takami Beef Group Farm

Unlike the previous farm in this list where you can feed the animals and interact with them, Takami Beef farm allows tours, but their rules must strictly be followed to ensure the safety of visitors.  The facility and cattle are the stars of the facility. There are more guidelines to be aware of before visiting; such as you have to book your tour seven days prior. Another tip is that farm visits are free if you order your meal from their restaurant. Who wouldn’t want to lunch on the world famous beef anyway when you have it right from the source?

Yuge Farm

If you love cheese, then you should visit this farm. It’s a 20-minute drive from Kobe’s urban area and beyond Mount Rokko, and yes, they specialize in everything about cheese. The farm has a factory, a herb garden, fields, and pasture where around 60 cattle roam and graze. It’s not a sightseeing farm, so the management explicitly reminds visitors not to bring food and drinks on the premises. You can, however, feast on cheese and other dishes in their restaurant.

Harmony Farm

If you’re ever on Awaji Island and you love horses, you can spend a day riding horses on this farm. You can explore the surrounding landscape near the farm like mountain passes and shorelines on one of their horses. Who doesn’t want to wade through the ocean waters riding a horse and take an epic photo while at it?

Fruit Picking Farms, Kobe Municipal Sightseeing Horticulture Association

In Nishi and Kita wards, you can pick fruits to your heart’s content. Yes, it is possible in Kobe because it’s not all restaurants and high fashion. You can be on your knees and cultivate a plot and plant fruits and vegetables. It’s a beautiful experience especially for those with a green thumb. Imagine picking the most luscious grapes, pears, peaches, strawberries, and persimmons. Your harvest is yours to take home and enjoy.

Kobe spells out restaurants, famous architectural attractions, historical sites and fashion but beyond that, you might as well enjoy the bounty of nature right from its source that is a ride away from the urban spotlight. For sure, the ingredients they use at the restaurants come from the mountains and fields, but what better way to appreciate that than by going on an adventure and seeing for yourself how they cultivate and care for the animals and plants.

studio IRONY [CC BY 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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dorothéePosted on7:25 pm - Nov 10, 2021

we would like to visit a wagye farm in july next year and eat also. So Kobe Takami Beef Group Farm would be the right farm for us. Unfortunately the website is japanes and I don´t know how to book. Can you help?
Kind regards

    AdminPosted on1:04 pm - Nov 17, 2021

    Unfortunately not, but I recommend using Google translate to read the page. For reservations that may help, but I am not sure. We just published an article on it, we are not associated with the restaurant.

    SallyPosted on5:02 pm - May 15, 2022

    Hi Dorothee, did you find a farm to visit? We are trying to find somewhere to visit, but unfortunately our trip is in January so I don’t like my chances….

J&S PedderPosted on6:20 am - May 1, 2023

Hi. So, how does one book a farm tour from the U.S.? We are interested in visiting the Takami Beef Farm in July. Can you facilitate contacting them or???

J&S Pedder

    AdminPosted on1:44 pm - May 9, 2023

    Unfortunately not, and it appears they no longer have an English page. I am sorry, but I am not sure either. That article is about 5 years old now!!

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