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Skiing in Tokyo: Day and Weekend Trips!

Dec 19, 2018 By Jason Gatewood

Most Japanese say having the ability to enjoy all four seasons outdoors is what makes Japan unique. The tourist records...[ Click to read more ]

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Vegan Food in Kobe

Dec 17, 2018 By Justin Hanus

With the new year comes new year’s resolutions. Whether your goal is to become vegan (or vegetarian) or you’re looking...[ Click to read more ]

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Soul Food House in Azabujuban

Dec 13, 2018 By

Soul Food House, located in Tokyo's Azabujuban neighborhood, about 3 minutes from Azabu Juban Station, is the real deal.  Mississippi...[ Click to read more ]

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Nagoya City Science Museum

Dec 12, 2018 By Ray Proper

The Nagoya City Science Museum (NCSM) is a fairly recent addition to the list of things to do in Nagoya....[ Click to read more ]

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Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Nagoya

Dec 10, 2018 By Mark Guthrie

[caption id="attachment_37084" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Queen's Healthy Diner has a wide selection of 100% Vegan and 100% tasty fare[/caption] As you...[ Click to read more ]

Food of Hiroshima

Dec 03, 2018 By Mark Guthrie

Most cities in Japan can boast exquisite and marvelous food, and many of them are rightly vaunted for it. Hiroshima,...[ Click to read more ]

Mexican Food in Nagoya

Dec 02, 2018 By Ray Proper

Nagoya has a reasonable number of options available if you are looking for Mexican food. In order of preference, you...[ Click to read more ]

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Let’s Tour Sendai: Getting and Staying There

Nov 30, 2018 By Jason Gatewood

Located about 350 km (220 mi) to the northeast of Tokyo, the City of Sendai makes for a very pleasant...[ Click to read more ]

Let’s Tour – Sendai: What to eat

Nov 30, 2018 By Jason Gatewood

No review of any part of Japan would be complete without talking about its contributions to the gastronomic scene, and...[ Click to read more ]

How to Use your Suica on the Shinkansen

Nov 30, 2018 By Jason Gatewood

One of the first things anyone traveling around Tokyo should do is to pick up a Suica or Pasmo transit...[ Click to read more ]

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