Best Places for Cheesecake in Kobe

ByJustin Hanus
Nov 19, 2018

Best Places for Cheesecake in Kobe

Baked Cheesecake

Kobe is most famous for its beef, but it’s second most famous for its desserts. The top dessert of all is cheesecake. Kobe cheesecake is unlike anything you’ve tried before; plus, every restaurant, café, and bakery has its own recipe. A few places stand out as being the very best.


Although it is called Denmark Cheesecake, this dessert is definitely Japanese. The cake gains its name from the cheese it uses, which is imported from Denmark. The result is something completely unique.

The dessert features a top of melted cheese, which is stringy (even a little crispy) in texture and salty in taste. The center of the cheesecake is a soft sponge. You eat it hot, to properly enjoy the molten cheese.

Cafe Keshipearl

At Cafe Keshipearl, you’ll find several types of homemade cheesecake, different ones every day. Each is paired with coffee (produced with beans from Horiguchi in Tokyo), chosen to enhance the flavor. Patrons even receive instructions on how to consume the combination of coffee and cheesecake.

Cafe Keshipearl is ideal not just for trying cheesecake; it is also a place to find a sense of calm, despite being close to the business district. If you’re really craving serenity, be sure to visit on a Quiet Night — no talking allowed.


The cheesecake from Konditorei has won gold from Monde Selection multiple times. It is made from two types of cream cheese, one from France, the other from Australia. The recipe also uses yogurt to make the cheesecake extra rich and creamy.

You’ll receive your cheesecake in a gold box, perfect for storing in the refrigerator. However, you may prefer to eat it straight away, as cooling the dessert changes its texture — although, either way, it’s delicious.

Konditorei is a little further out of the city than the other options, located between Kobe and Osaka. It’s definitely worth your while buying the cheesecake there if you have the chance, such as if you’re heading to Osaka airport. Alternatively, you can purchase a dessert from their online store.

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Other Desserts in Kobe

If cheesecake doesn’t take your fancy, you’re still in luck. Kobe has many other desserts to offer. A few treats to try include:

  • Magic Pot Pudding. It’s hard to believe that pudding has only been available in Kobe for a couple decades, being that it’s one of the most sold desserts after cheesecake. At Frantz, you receive a (magic) pudding in a pot. The most popular is a three-layered caramel custard, but you’ll also find chocolate, strawberry, mango, and other flavors.
  • Motomachi Cake sells a range of desserts, the most famous being their zakuro. This cream cake is a fluffy sponge covered in powdered sugar and topped with a strawberry.
  • Kawara Senbei. You can find senbei across Japan, but Kawara senbei in Kobe is different. Rather than a savory rice snack, it’s a dessert made from flour, sugar, and eggs. You can purchase Kawara senbei in numerous stores, some of which even allow you to print your own image.

These are just a few of the most notable places in Kobe. Almost any bakery or café you visit will have its own original desserts. Explore the city to find your favorites.

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