Tokyo Tower is ‘Lit’ all Summer Long!

ByJason Gatewood
Jul 26, 2019

Tokyo Tower is ‘Lit’ all Summer Long!

Tokyo Tower may have become Tokyo’s second tallest tower thanks to the new SkyTree in Sumida Ward stealing the title in 2010, but the Eiffel Tower lookalike is not to be outdone anytime soon thanks to it’s more central location and a constant stream of events like these.

Milky Way Illumination

Of course, the main attraction at Tokyo Tower is the view of Tokyo from 150 meters high. And while the sight of the urban expanse of Tokyo is jaw-dropping alone, we can always add a little more, right? The folks in charge of the observation deck have done just that and installed a state-of-the-art projection system along with an LED array that helps give the effect of a starry night sky, complete with the occasional shooting star, hovering just above the skyline outside the windows. It’s Tanabata season after all right?


City Light Fantasia

Don’t let this year’s elongated rainy season fool you; it’s still summer and sooner or later you’ll hear the cacophonous shrill of cicadas, and see splashes of color from yukata and jimbei clad people on their way to summer festivals. Tokyo Tower is recreating this atmosphere as part of is ongoing City Light Fantasia event. Cool Summer Japan shows what most Japanese associate summertime with; Sunflowers in bloom, fireworks, a lovely golden sunset, and more.

Times and Access

Dates: Until Sunday, September 1st, 2019.
Times: The Milky Way LED light-up is 9 am until 10:50 pm. City Light Fantasia runs from 7 pm until 10:50 pm; Tokyo Tower is open every day.
Admission Fee:ticket to the Main Observation Deck is needed. Fee info is here.
Shibakoen 4-2-8, Minato, Tokyo
Nearest Stations: Akeabane-bashi [E21], Kamiyacho [H05].


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