Ceramics Shopping at the Cera Mall

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Nov 12, 2012

Ceramics Shopping at the Cera Mall

The “Tokoname Yaki  Cera MallCera Mall” is a wholesale pottery shopping park in Tokoname City, on the Chita Peninsula.

The area is famous for pottery, and you will find every local variety represented at the Cera Mall; which is the largest outlet in both scale and variety on the Chita Peninsula for ceramics. You will also find a few small cafes, a nice park for kids, and lots of free parking available for you to use while you shop till you drop for “tokoname yaki.”

What is “tokoname yaki?” Tokoname Pottery, or tokoname-yaki ware has been produced in the city of Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture for over 1,000 years. Originally, items such as vases were fired without glaze. Later, Tokoname ware became famous for the production of earthenware pipes, and is now widely known for pottery using red clay. Tokoname ware was designated an official Japanese traditional craft in 1976.

Tokoname Pottery

CERA MALL – Tokoname Pottery Wholesale Park
99 Kamisunahara, Kanayama-Aza Tokoname City, Aichi
TEL: 0569-43-7125

The ceramics on sale range from top-of-the-range handcrafted masterpieces, through to 3 for 100 yen type pricing for slightly defected or older items. The items available include cups, sauces, and plates right through to big items such as umbrella stands, large pots for outside gardening and even decorations for Christmas and New Years (obviously depending on the season).

I am not a great shopper at any time of the year, but this is one of the places I really enjoy wandering around. I especially enjoy the bargains available on a lot of rice bowls, plates (small and large) and it is a common place to go to pick up an omiyage to take back to New Zealand for my family. I have also introduced newly wed couples to Cera Mall on many occasions, as it really is a great place to fit out your kitchen if you don’t have one yet….. cheaply, but nicely!

If you have a little time on your hands, this is a perfect place to visit before or after the beach in Utsumi, or some of the fish markets in the south of Chita Peninsula. Look out for the Tokoname Pottery Path also, if you are a real ceramics fan!

Website (Japanese Only)

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Happy shopping!

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