Theatre Iridescence Presents Medea

Jun 20, 2018

Theatre Iridescence Presents Medea



An adaptation of the Greek play by Euripides, Medea is a tale of love and revenge. It tells the story of a wife’s all-consuming desire for revenge against her unfaithful husband.Our version of this Greek tragedy is set in Japan and features a multicultural cast of seasoned actors, many of who are well known in Japanese theatre. Theatre Iridescence’s exploration of universal themes and innovative use of video projection, and subtitling will make this show a truly international and inclusive experience!


LOCATION: Aichi Arts Center, Mini Theatre (next to Oasis 21)
DATES: July 6 (Fri) 18:30, July 7 (Sat) 13:00&18:00, July 8 (Sun) 13:00&17:00
TICKETS: Student ADV (2,000 yen, requires ID), ADV (3,000 yen until July 1st), DOOR ( 4,000 yen)


1)  Convenience stores via TICKET PIA (Pcode:485-323)

2) Ticket Guide (8F, Nadya Park)

3) Play Guide ( B2, Aichi Arts Center, inside Art Plaza),

4) Email ( nagoyatheatretickets@gmail, requires bank transfer)


Note: Student tickets are only available via direct contact with cast and crew or via email.

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Directed by: Jessica A. Robison
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Music by: David Freeman, Aya Kawakami, and David Dycus
Cast: Jonathon Freeman, Aya Kawakami, Jessica A. Robison, David Alcock, Lem Mauricio, Denise Hewitt, Rei, Keiko Nakahara, Yukiko Murakami, Michelle Josephine, Alisson Ninomia, Angelo Naya

Theatre Iridescence: Shining a Light on Untold Stories

Theatre Iridescence is a multilingual, multicultural theatre company that strives to produce high quality pieces that will resonate with a wide range of audiences. Its creative director is Aya Kawakami, a singer and actor with 30 years of experience on the stage. Alongside a team of seasoned experts, all well known in the Nagoya theatre scene and beyond, Theatre Iridescence aims not only to put forth innovative work but to develop and feature new talent. In this endeavor, Theatre Iridescence aims to create real educational opportunities to those who wish to develop their creative abilities whether it be on the stage or behind the scenes.

Email: nagoyatheatre(at)
Instagram: theatre_iridescence
Twitter: Theatre Iridescence

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