Test Your Air Conditioner Before Summer Comes

May 25, 2020

Test Your Air Conditioner Before Summer Comes

We recommend you test run your air conditioner at this time of the year. Manufacturers get busy with inquiries and repair requests when summer comes, and it could take a long time before your air conditioner is fixed if there is a problem. Here is how you can test your air conditioner, the test is similar for most major manufacturers.

The Tests!

Set the function in “cool” and the temperature at 18 degrees, run it for 10 minutes.

If it does not turn on.

  • Is the battery for the remote control working? Try changing the battery.
  • Is it plugged in? Try unplugging and plug it in again.
  • Is the breaker for the air conditioner on? Check the breaker box.

If the remote control works but the wind does not come out. (or is too weak.)

  • The “cool” and “dry” functions could take a while to get started. Ensure you wait for at least 1 minute.
  • Is the filter clean? Wash/vacuum out the filter. See more on cleaning an air conditioner filter. 
  • Try changing the function to “cool” if you are using “dry”.
  • If the room temperature is close to the selected temperature, a lack of or weak wind is normal.

If it smells bad.

It does not cool well.

Check if the outside fan is blocked. Air conditioners need to have enough space around them for air to flow,  a minimum of 5cm behind and 10cm sideways, and check it is not clogged with leaves and such.

The light is flashing, and/or the error message is showing

The color of the flashing light or the error number could tell the status if it needs repair or just the wrong operation.

We hope you all stay cool this summer!

Santeri Viinamäki [CC BY 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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