Finish Yard Weeding in Autumn

Oct 28, 2020 By Admin

Weeding is one of the many time consuming and tiring chores required around the house. You do it, but the weeds always grow back, and you must do it again and again, especially around spring and summer. But it is almost fall, so why should you weed now? Professional farmers...[ Click to read more ]

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Flood Hazard Map of the City of Nagoya

Sep 28, 2020 By Admin

Typhoon season in Japan runs from June to December, but most typhoon activity occurs between July and September, even into October. You can read more on Staying Safe During Typhoons and Storms in Japan, generally, by clicking that link, this article will focus on flooding. Knowing where your home is,...[ Click to read more ]

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Cleaning Tricks for the Home

Aug 26, 2020 By Admin

The longer you stay at home, the more time you spend cleaning the house. Here are some easy tricks to help you accomplish that efficiently! Mosquito Net / Door Screens Wipe with a wet melamine form sponge, gently. It will get rid of the dirt, especially along the edges. Finish...[ Click to read more ]

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How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

Jul 20, 2020 By Mita

We would like to share with you how to clean an air conditioner (AC) filter in Japan.  There are several types of air conditioners used in Japan, but we will focus on the two most common types; the air conditioning unit, and the central air conditioner. Cleaning Unit Air Conditioner Filters...[ Click to read more ]

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Test Your Air Conditioner Before Summer Comes

May 25, 2020 By Admin

We recommend you test run your air conditioner at this time of the year. Manufacturers get busy with inquiries and repair requests when summer comes, and it could take a long time before your air conditioner is fixed if there is a problem. Here is how you can test your...[ Click to read more ]

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Preventing Washing Machine Drain Odors

Jan 31, 2020 By Admin

Washing machines are great, but they do require a bit of work to keep them clean and odor-free. Preventing odors from the drain trap under the Washing machine is simple enough, and makes your home so much better! If you use a front load washer, sometimes bad odors come from the...[ Click to read more ]

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Fluorescent Light Maintenance and Glow Lamp Replacement

Dec 19, 2019 By Admin

A fluorescent lamp uses fluorescence to produce visible light. An electric current in the gas excites mercury vapor, which produces short-wave ultraviolet light that causes a phosphor coating on the inside of the lamp to glow. Fluorescent lamps require a ballast to regulate the current through the lamp, and a...[ Click to read more ]

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Protect Your Garbage from Crows

Oct 30, 2019 By Admin

The scattering of garbage by crows (karasu) is a significant social problem in Japan, and legions of neighborhood association representatives, usually grumpy older people, are out there enforcing rules designed to curb that problem. Most areas have laws requiring that garbage be protected against the scourge of crow related scattering...[ Click to read more ]

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Dealing with Humidity and Mold in Japan

Jul 10, 2019 By Ray Proper

Japan is a big place, but a large part of Japan sits with the "humid subtropical climate" zone, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters.   These long hot and humid summers can be difficult to get used to for someone from a more temperate climate, and create concerns that some people may...[ Click to read more ]

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Minpaku: Subletting in Japan

Nov 22, 2018 By Mita

Minpaku is a private accommodation or lodging available for rent - not a hotel, Airbnb, etc.   Staying in a minpaku is often cheaper when compared to hotels, and offer more options for guests. Also, the owner of the apartments/houses can earn some money from them. In regards to this article, the...[ Click to read more ]

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