Dealing with Humidity and Mold in Japan

Jul 10, 2019 By Ray Proper

Japan is a big place, but a large part of Japan sits with the "humid subtropical climate" zone, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters.   These long hot and humid summers can be difficult to get used to for someone from a more temperate climate, and create concerns that some people may...[ Click to read more ]

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How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

Jun 18, 2019 By Mita

We would like to share with you how to clean an air conditioner filter in Japan.  There are several types of air conditioners used in Japan, but we will focus on the two most common types; the air conditioning unit, and central air conditioner. Cleaning a Unit Air Conditioner  Cleaning the...[ Click to read more ]

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Minpaku: Subletting in Japan

Nov 22, 2018 By Mita

Minpaku is a private accommodation or lodging available for rent - not a hotel, Airbnb, etc.   Staying in a minpaku is often cheaper when compared to hotels, and offer more options for guests. Also, the owner of the apartments/houses can earn some money from them. In regards to this article, the...[ Click to read more ]

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Garden Maintenance Responsibilities in Japan for Renters

Jul 06, 2018 By Mita

It is important to start this conversation with the caveat that the contents of YOUR housing contract may be significantly different than the broad generalities outlined in this article. As with anything, read your contract to find out for sure what YOUR rights and responsibilities are as a renter! If...[ Click to read more ]

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Guidelines for Renovations and Reforms for Renters in Japan

Aug 18, 2016 By

In Japan it is the “financial obligation” of the lessee (renter) to restore the property to its original condition, not including any damages or deterioration caused by “Natural wear and tear” from living in the property (where the clause ‘with the exception of natural wear and tear’ is included in...[ Click to read more ]

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Nagoya, Nishin and Toyota City Apartment Rental Information

May 24, 2016 By

Downtown (Naka-ku, Higashi-ku) Sakae is one of the Nagoya’s major business districts and you will find all you want here from nightlife and shopping to dining, arts and entertainment. The area boasts many trendy shops, restaurants and department stores. Nagoya Station is surrounded by the modern Midland Square and Central...[ Click to read more ]

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Introducing the Chikusa Ku Area of Nagoya

May 20, 2016 By

Chikusa is conveniently located just a 15-minute subway ride from the central business district in Nagoya City and is a popular place for dining after hours among young professionals. Commuting to Toyota City by car is also easy and fast. The HALLO 2 International supermarket in Higashiyama Koen and Seijyo...[ Click to read more ]

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Introducing the Meito Ku Area of Nagoya

Apr 08, 2016 By

Issha and Hongo in Meito-ku are the most popular areas for expat families in Nagoya as they are located on one of the Nagoya International School bus routes and provide easy access to Toyota City. The entrance to the Tomei Expressway is located by Hongo Station and provides excellent vehicle...[ Click to read more ]

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Roppongi: Tokyo’s Contemporary City

Apr 01, 2016 By Ray Proper

Roppongi (六本木 ) is an area within Minato, Tokyo, and one of Tokyo’s most popular places among locals and foreigners alike. Roppongi is home to the famously lavish Roppongi Hills, many foreign embassies, and one of the most vibrant club scenes in Japan. It is located in the southern portion...[ Click to read more ]

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Housing Insurance in Japan

Jan 21, 2016 By

A Japanese rental contract will usually stipulate that the lessee is to enroll in an insurance policy. Despite being one of the world's biggest markets for insurance, the selection and range of insurance products available in Japan is actually quite limited. Home insurance policies tend to include a degree of...[ Click to read more ]

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