Mie Festivals

Saio Festival in Mie

May 30, 2022 By Bert Wishart

From Elsa to Cinderella to Snow White, princesses are held in extremely high regard in Japanese culture. But it isn't just your common-or-garden Disney princess that enraptures the attention of...[ Click to read more ]

Horsing Around at Tado Festival in Mie

Apr 16, 2019 By Bert Wishart

Japan has so many strange, eccentric and exciting festivals every year that it is sometimes difficult to keep track. However, few festivals are exciting and dramatic as Ageuma-Shinji, held every...[ Click to read more ]

Ise Ebi Matsuri (Lobster Festival)

May 29, 2018 By Bert Wishart

For much of the world, there is little more decadent than dining out on lobster. However, here in Japan, lobster - while still relatively pricey compared to most seafood -...[ Click to read more ]