Kobe Festivals

Bon Odori

Celebrate Bon Odori By the Kobe Seaside

Jul 25, 2018 By Justin Hanus

Bon Odori festivals are well known as an entertaining and interesting summer events across Japan, and Kobe’s seaside fest is no exception. Bon Odori, or simply Bon dances, are some...[ Click to read more ]

Kobe Love Port or the Minato Matsuri 2017

Jun 27, 2017 By

The Kobe Love Port (Minato Matsuri) is an annual festival held on Dainitotte (the 2nd Pier) east of Meriken Park close to the Port Terminal station on the Portliner. The festival celebrates Marine...[ Click to read more ]

Kobe Matsuri

Kobe Matsuri: A Japanese Celebration with Western Influences

Apr 22, 2016 By Justin Hanus

Although the Kobe Matsuri is a relatively young street festival - it began in 1971 - the roots of the celebration twist much further back in time to an unexpected...[ Click to read more ]