Pet Boarding and Pet Sitters in Nagoya

May 15, 2014 By Ray Proper

June, If you are heading out on vacation you will need someone to watch over your "other kids;" the dog and cat.  There are a few options for boarding your...[ Click to read more ]

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Utsumi Beach on the Chita Peninsula Near Nagoya

Aug 29, 2011 By Ray Proper

They say Utsumi Beach has the finest sand in the world, but probably only the Japanese say that. It is a great beach though, is well known throughout the Tokai...[ Click to read more ]

The Chunichi Newspaper Nagara River All-Japan Fireworks Festival

Jul 30, 2010 By Ray Proper

The Chunichi Nagara Gawa Fireworks Festival is held yearly on the last Saturday of July from 7:15 p.m.-8:45 p.m. This year, the festival falls on Saturday, July 31st-this weekend! This...[ Click to read more ]

Toyota Oiden Matsuri in Toyota City

Jul 21, 2010 By Ray Proper

" Oiden" is taken from the local Mikawa dialect.  It means “Come on,” as in come on and dance!  This festival brings hundreds of dance teams to the center of Toyota City...[ Click to read more ]

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