Prevention and Thawing of Frozen Pipes in Japan

Nov 30, 2023 By Ray Proper

Many people arrive in Japan from places where it simply does not get cold and are unaware that they need to worry about things like frozen pipes. In most places...[ Click to read more ]

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Guidelines for Renovations and Reforms for Renters in Japan

Nov 18, 2021 By Admin

In Japan it is the financial obligation of the lessee to restore the property to its original condition, less any damages or deterioration caused by normal living in the property...[ Click to read more ]

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Furnishing your New Japanese Home

Jul 27, 2018 By Jason Gatewood

Though the chances of finding your new home in Japan thoroughly barren of even light fixtures and nothing short of four walls, floor and ceiling are slim these days, most...[ Click to read more ]

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Housing Insurance in Japan

Jan 21, 2016 By

A Japanese rental contract will usually stipulate that the lessee is to enroll in an insurance policy. Despite being one of the world's biggest markets for insurance, the selection and...[ Click to read more ]

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Renewing or Terminating Housing Lease Agreements

Feb 13, 2014 By Ray Proper

A note before we begin. Like so much in Japan, every prefecture and region in Japan has different rules, requirements, and most importantly customs in regards to housing and real...[ Click to read more ]

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3LDK Apartment Example

Renting an Apartment in Japan

Sep 05, 2011 By Ray Proper

Many people come to Japan through a company. An English Teacher, for example, will usually get off the plane and be met by a representative of their new company, who...[ Click to read more ]

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How to Clean a Japanese Central Air Conditioniner

Feb 02, 2011 By Ray Proper

The H&R Group  produced this simple video tutorial as a part of their “Relo Explains” series to help some of their clients who are lucky enough to have central air...[ Click to read more ]

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