River Deep, Mountain High – Kayak and Rafting Tours in Gifu

ByBert Wishart
Apr 28, 2022

River Deep, Mountain High – Kayak and Rafting Tours in Gifu

If you ask pretty much anyone from Gifu, “What is your home prefecture like?” then there is a strong possibility that they will bring up the cleanliness of the water. From someone like myself who grew up in a British coastal town – not many of which are known for their crystalline waters – it seems something of a strange boast. However, if you get out into the Gifu countryside and see some of the stunning rivers, you will immediately understand why they are so proud.

And now, as the days grow longer and the air begins to warm, it is a perfect opportunity to get out into nature and explore those waters firsthand. Though it is most common to spend days barbecuing on the river, a kayaking, rafting, or waterfall climbing tour is the best way to do it for the more adventurous. Something which I most definitely couldn’t say about my hometown


RAT has over 20 years in the business near Gujo, in the center of Gifu Prefecture. They have a variety of tours, ranging from relaxing meanders to more high-octane events. It is possible for all age ranges to participate, going as young as elementary school students.

Tours include half-day trips in the morning, afternoon, or full days. Also popular are the waterfall climbing (known in Japan as ‘shower climbing’) tours, which are hard work, but a great experience. And after it’s all done, you can even enjoy a barbecue together. Now that’s quite a day!

Where: 230-2 Minamicho Kamita, Gujo, Gifu Prefecture (map)
Website: rat-web.com

Adventure Rafting

Also based in Gujo, Adventure Rafting does exactly what it sounds like they do. Likening their tours to rollercoasters, you are promised a wild ride on their half or full-day excursions, with a BBQ thrown in for good measure, or you can bring your own grub and use their barbecues for free.

This one comes recommended by friends of mine (though no way affiliated, it should perhaps be stressed) with the waterfall climbing tour a particular blast. Furthermore, if you need to get there by public transport, they can pick you up from the nearest bus stop.

Where: 71-1 Minamicho Hakusan, Gujo (map)
Website: adventures.jp

Kayak Univ.

The Nakasendo was an old trading route that traversed from Edo (now Tokyo) to Kyoto through the center of the country. One of the most prominent stops along that ancient forest trail was the postal town of Nakatsugawa, which is where you find Kayak Univ.

With kayak tours and events held in an area of outstanding beauty to explore by water that suits all ages and abilities, it is the ideal option if you are new to kayaking.

Where: 1066 Seto, Nakatsugawa, Gifu 508-0111 (map)
Website: ktr6065.wixsite.com/kayakuniv

Image: by Robert Paske via flickr.com [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
Image: via https://rat-web.com/rafting/
Image: via https://ktr6065.wixsite.com/kayakuniv/untitled-c1qes

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