Akazu Pottery Area in Seto City, Gifu – Studio Kasen

ByRay Proper
Jan 15, 2014

Akazu Pottery Area in Seto City, Gifu – Studio Kasen

kasen_pottery_gifu_3Hiorshige Kato is a fourteenth generation pottery master – his family were one of only four families to be protected by the Shogunate from the warring state in order to make tea ceremony goods for Nagoya Castle.

Over the years Studio Kasen has gone through several transformations and in its heyday was the heart of the Akazu pottery area in Seto. Now the little gallery and studio sit atop a little hill in Seto, and Kato-Sensei offers classes in pottery, both making it and glazing it. The class costs 2500 per adult and only 500 yen for him to glaze and fire whatever you want to keep, so it’s a great way to stock up on home-made souvenirs from the heart of Japan which will really remind you of your time here every time you use it.

Children are also welcome, and Kato-Sensei gives all the extra help needed for pottery to look professional, first time.

Take a look at the English website, with the fascinating history of the Kato family, the seven typical glazes of the district, and a map of the area.

Getting to Studio Kasen in Seto City, Gifu

By Train:

  • Take the Meitetsu Seto Line from Sakae to the terminal at Owari-Seto, and take a taxi from the station OR
  • Take the Aichi Kanjo Line from Kozoji, or Okazaki/Toyota and take a taxi from Yamaguchi or Seto-shi Station (Yamaguchi is closer, but Seto-shi is a bigger station and has a taxi rank).

By Car:

Close to Owari-Seto Station. Passing the station on your left, continue on until you get to Koseto lights where you turn right. Continue on until you almost reach the intersection Akazu, and turn up the tiny little road that veers up to the left. Follow this until you see the black studio on the right.

Studio Kasen Studio tours and classes by appointment only

  • Address Aichi-ken Seto-shi Akazu-cho 71
  • Address 窯元 霞仙 愛知県瀬戸市赤津町71番地
  • Tel 0561-82-3255

E-mail (English OK): mail@kasen-web.com

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