New Year Countdown Parties Near Nagoya 2022

ByBert Wishart
Dec 13, 2022

New Year Countdown Parties Near Nagoya 2022

New Year is an important time in Japan, but things are celebrated differently here than back home. You are undoubtedly already clued up on Japan’s New Year traditions, its New Year’s foods, and the shrines to visit for Hatsumoude in Nagoya. But did you know that there are also New Year countdown parties like at home?

Like many aspects of western culture – Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween, Japan has slowly been getting to grips with the New Year Countdown parties. Primarily celebrated by younger people, a few places hold parties with fireworks and the like at the stroke of midnight. Usually, there are three major ones in the Nagoya area. However, this year, events at Laguna Tenbosch and Nagashima Spaland have been canceled at short notice. No reason has been given, but one can make a guess.

Furthermore, at the time of writing, there is not a lot of talk about the regular event at Nagoya Castle, so that may have fallen by the wayside, too. Things, as they are, are subject to change, so it may be worth your while to keep an eye on their website for any updates.

Fortunately, the little guys have your back if you want to get out and celebrate the coming year. All around the city, there are bars in town holding countdown events. That said, at the time of publication, many of them are yet to confirm details, so it’s best to check with them closer to the date to confirm. They are signaled with an asterisk*.

Small World New Year (Eight)

The event planning guys from Small World will be putting on one of the biggest shindigs in town. Held at Eight in Sakae, numerous DJs will be banging out all genres of music, hundreds of partygoers, phenomenal dancers, and drinks will flow until the early hours of the year. In addition, Small World New Year will also be the final night for Eight, Mothra, Mirai, and JB’s, as the building is being demolished shortly after, making it an excellent opportunity to say one last goodbye to this legendary venue that has been bringing us the best club nights in Joshidai for more than 25 years.

Where: 4 Chome-3-15 Sakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0008 (map)

Website: (Event page) (Location page)

Admission: 2,000 JPY with one drink before 11 pm, 3,000 JPY with two drinks after.

The Hub Pub

Nagoya’s most famous British theme pub, The Hub, will be open until 2 am, making it an ideal place to party right into the night. Furthermore, as there is no cover charge and reservations are not required, it is great if all your other plans fall through, and you find yourself at 23:45 with no place to go (as happened to me one year and turned out to be one of my favorite New Years!).

Address: There are four Hubs in Nagoya, two near Nagoya Station, one under the TV Tower, and one in Sakae’s Nishiki. Head to the website to find your nearest.


Admission: 0 JPY

Tall Boys Brewing*

Nagoya’s newest – and perhaps coolest – brewpub, Tall Boys Brewing, is looking to celebrate its first New Year in style. In a big way. At this moment, however, they haven’t got plans tied down. But you can be assured that, with some of the best locally-produced beer on tap, plus domestic and international craft beers aplenty, it’ll be a cracking night, as anyone (myself included) who has been to one of Tall Boys’ brew boss Collin’s house parties can confirm, he knows how to throw a shindig. What’s more, once you’ve had your fill and are feeling spiritual, it’s ideally placed to visit nearby Kasadera Kanon to cleanse your soul. If you need it…

Address: Nagoya, Minami Ward, Matsuikecho, 2 Chome−28−1 (map)


Admission: 0 JPY (TBC)


Sticking in the Kasadera Kanon area, Hopbuds, one of Nagoya’s best-loved craft beer bars, will be celebrating the New Year in the usual style: with fantastic beers from Japan and America that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Oh, and if you’ve not been for a while, this makes an excellent opportunity to check them out at their new location in Minami-Ward. At the moment, plans have not been entirely ironed out, but there will probably be no cover charge, and there will be no courses or nomihoudai or things like that, but if I know Jamie and Kayoko, there will be a load of cool people and good times.

Address: Nagoya, Minami Ward, Maehamatori, 6 Chome−32−3 (map)


Admission: 0 JPY (TBC)


Image by Derek Keats (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via (modified)

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