Nagoya Vegan Gourmet Festival

Apr 06, 2016

Nagoya Vegan Gourmet Festival

nagoya_vegan_festivalAmong recent arrivals, vegetarians and vegans have it comparably rough in Japan.  If there was ever a country set up to be difficult for those with “out of the ordinary” needs, this is it, and top that off with a double whammy of unfamiliar language and foods, then paired with a narrowing of options and you can see why it might be  difficult to feed yourself in your accustomed manner. That being  said, a determined effort can reward, and a good way to get into the community and see what is available is the Nagoya Vegan Gourmet Festival at Tsuruma Park.

Like any other matsuri you will find a variety of vendors serving up a decidedly different array of foods like veggie burgers, pizza, smoothies, and even desserts, all in the peaceful surroundings of the oldest park in Nagoya. Entry to the festival is free, food costs somewhere between 300-1000 yen.

Nagoya Vegan Gourmet Festival

When: May 15, 2016 10:00 – 17:00
Where: Tsuruma Park 
What: The newest vegan festival. Includes food stalls, other stores and talks.
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