Midtown BBQ – Japan’s Best Barbecue Expands to Tokyo

ByMichael Stigall
May 30, 2023

Midtown BBQ – Japan’s Best Barbecue Expands to Tokyo

If you’re as mad about steaks and barbecue as we are here at Japan Info Swap, then you’ll already know Midtown BBQ pretty well, especially if you live in Nagoya or Yokohama. But what if you’re one of those Kanto residents who doesn’t live particularly close to Kannai Station? As of last year, Midtown BBQ has you covered with their newest restaurant in Iidabashi. Having been to its other locations, I took the opportunity last week to stop by for lunch before walking around Koishikawa Korakuen. It was quite possibly the perfect way to spend an afternoon. But anyway, on to the meat of this article!

About Midtown BBQ

Back in 2017, Robb Shannon had a dream to recreate his childhood days, a time when his Grandfather would fire up the smoker, the scent of barbecue would fill the air, and his uncle would mount a whole pig on the spit, and it would spin there, slowly roasting. That dream manifested itself in Midtown BBQ, a Steak & Smokehouse with a simple philosophy: delicious food, great drinks, and gracious hospitality that prides itself on making virtually everything on its menu in-house.

From their original BBQ rubs and sauces – including a nineteen-spice BBQ rub, the recipe for which Robb has perfected since childhood –  to their handmade desserts, the food is top-notch. They cook their ribs, chicken, and pulled pork using Japanese binchotan charcoal on Kamado keg smokers, and there is no doubt about Midtown’s credentials as a high-quality restaurant. They thoroughly deserve the plaudits they receive.

The New Shop

Midtown continued to receive accolades as they expanded from Nagoya to Yokohama’s Kannai District several years ago. The Yokohama restaurant also proved popular, but let’s be honest, Tokyo is where the people are, so they opened their new shop in Iidabashi near the Tokyo Dome. It’s a beautiful location since the proximity to the Dome means you can stop by before or after a ball game or concert. There’s also the Koshikawa Korakuen, Tokyo Dome City, and even the Budokan nearby, so there are plenty of attractions to combine with a visit.

I am happy to report after my last visit here that the quality and ethos of the other restaurants remain strong here. You still get the same great food and craft beers, while the atmosphere remains casual, relaxed, and stylish but not unnecessarily flashy, a place where you can either drop in and knock back a few beers with friends after work or entertain a first date. There’s even some nice outdoor seating for sunny days. The lunch menu is simply unbeatable, and the happy hour is possibly one of the best I know of. 

And so, if your idea of dining heaven is something reminiscent of Robb’s idyllic childhood, there’s just one place you need to go: Midtown BBQ: Redux. Bigger and better than ever.

Midtown BBQ Details

Where: Chiyoda-ku, Iidabashi 3 Chome−10−9, (On the second floor of i-Garden Terrace) (map)
Website: midtown-bbq.com

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Image by Midtown BBQ on Instagram

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