Ice Skating around Kanto (Winter 2021)

ByJason Gatewood
Jan 29, 2021

Ice Skating around Kanto (Winter 2021)

Even with coronavirus still weaving its microbial hooks into every facet of society, The heartbeat of the typical Japanese winter around Greater Tokyo barely skips a beat. As long as you stay socially distanced, masked up, and as frostily vigilant as the winds off Tokyo Bay, you should be alright. For this year’s list, we’re making sure the locations are all heeding the latest advisories from the National Health Ministry and doing what it takes to keep skaters safe. Such measures include:

    • Having employees check their body temperature, wear masks, and disinfect their hands.
    • Giving key areas will have an anti-bacterial coating, and all rentals will be sanitized between uses.
    • Restricting admission during overcrowded hours. (Please check each location’s website for advisories.)
    • Enacting smartphone apps for reservations and queuing without the need to wait in line on-site.
    • Taking cashless payments and other self-service payment strategies to prevent germ spread at reception counters.

Futako Tamagawa Rise

Located in the shopping and office complex that’s home to Rakuten along the banks of the Tama River a stone’s throw away from Shibuya on Tokyu’s Den-en-toshi and Oimachi train lines. Runs generally from December 14~February 28, every day 10 am ~7 pm (8 pm if crowds are light.) ¥1700 adults, ¥1500 teens,  ¥1200 kids.

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Tokyo Midtown Roppongi

Usually set upright in the plaza immediately behind the complex. Due to the same area’s use for the massive holiday illumination (also a must-see), this rink gets started a little later in the season; January 6~March 6, every day from 11 am~8 pm. ¥2500 adults, ¥1500 junior high school-aged and below.

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Art Rink Akarenga Yokohama

If you’re up for the journey to this part of Japan’s Bay City, you’ll be in for a treat at the Red Brick Warehouse. It’s called “Art Rink” thanks to the collaboration with Yokohama local junior and senior high students’ art exhibitions happening around the rink. November 30 ~ February 22, Closed February 16/ Opens 1 pm weekdays, 11 am weekends; closes 8 pm every day. ¥700 adults, ¥500 schoolchildren, ¥300 toddlers; skate rental extra.

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Image Yokohama Akarenga Ice Rink via Honjoren

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